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BooK :  Our Happy Time - Jiyoung Gong               

  Have you ever seen the movie Our Happy Time? Actually, this movie is based on the novel of the same name. There are two main characters in this book. A woman who has attempted suicide three times because she was hurt by her family when she was young, and a man who has been convicted of murder. Thanks to the woman’s aunt, the two characters meet. Their meetings begin, and they look at each other as if they are looking at themselves. Through their meetings, the depths of life and death are shown. Through their meetings, the writer tells us what true human love and forgiveness are. The interesting part of this book is the process that the two characters heal each other’s wounds by sharing their “true” stories.. This enables us to see an ordinary person, not a condemned prisoner. The author spent time with a real-life death row inmate for five months. Even now, she continues this friendship. / Junior Department of Sports Science
Byeongjun Ji


Music :  1-800-273-8255

  Unfortunately, Korea holds a disgraceful record. That is having been ranked number one among OECD countries for incidents of suicide for more than a dozen years. Recently, three young talents (Logic, Alessia Cara, and Khalid) collaborated to make a song to send a simple message about suicide, hoping to make sure that people don’t take their own lives easily. Also, you might be wondering about where the weird song name came from. The numbers represent a hotline for preventing suicide in the U.S. The song includes some parts where the singer changes, and when a suicidal person changes his or her mind. In the music video, the song starts as the singer is on the verge of giving up life. ”I don’t want to be alive,” is the main phrase. He also states that many people believe every human being is important, but no one cares about him. However, the second half of the song signals hope for the suicidal man. Having a different perspective, the operator of the hotline keeps on saying, “I want you to be alive.” Alessia sings about the brightness of life that the suicidal man is missing out on, and about who he is. The suicidal man changes his mind after the tough acknowledgement that moving on is a better attitude toward life. Now, he chants, “I finally want to be alive.” Khalid ends this song by singing that he is no longer thinking about dying although the process is hurtful and painful. If your interest has been piqued by reading my recommendation, please try to watch the music video. The music video also delivers some logical messages to viewers. / Freshman Department of English Language and Literature Seoncheol Kwon


Movie :  How Much Is Your Day?

  Four minutes for a cup of coffee, one or two hours for a bus fare, 59 years for a sports car. The movie In Time, released in 2011, is about a world where you have to pay time for everything you need instead of money. From the moment you become 25 years old, you stop aging, and you have to earn time for a living. While several millionaires live luxuriously in a city called New Greenwich, thinking about how much time they have is an indulgence for the poor. The poor can die due simply to the lack of one second, just like a toy with a dead battery. Since many are after others’ time, people run into danger if their time is exposed. Vicious rich people can kill others by raising charges, which can also be done to control the population. The rich take it for granted that a great many people’s lives can be sacrificed for their own eternal lives. We should be so thankful that 24 hours a day are given equally to everyone in reality. Finally, a scene in which a millionaire Sylvia, feels as though her life has been a waste of time will give you a lot to think about. How about watching this movie this weekend and realizing how precious your time is? You have at least two hours to resolve not to squander time. / Freshman Department of English Language and Literature Yoonjeong Song



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