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Worldwide CNU
Students from over 50 different countries study at CNU, so it is common to ...
By Kim Sejung, Noh Yujin  |  2022-01-08 17:08
Reasons for Preferring Face-to-Face Classes & Recorded Classes to Other Teaching Methods
Kim Eunkyo / Department of Consumer ScienceIn 2020, as COVID-19 became part...
Kim Eunkyo, Lee Joohee  |  2022-01-08 17:08
Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.
Greetings, students and professors. I am the editor-in-chief of The Chungda...
By Lee Jaeyoon  |  2022-01-08 17:06
From the Graveyard of the Empire to the Destruction of Human Rights
The empire of the 21st century, the U.S., decided to withdraw its troops fr...
by Lee Junghyeop, Lee Hyejun  |  2022-01-08 16:57
Do You Know CODA?
I want to recommend the musical film CODA (2021). I had great expectations ...
Yoo Soyung, School of Business  |  2022-01-08 16:40
The Taliban's Discrimination against Women
Recently, the Taliban returned to power in Afghanistan, causing many proble...
Um Youyoung, Culture Reporter  |  2022-01-08 16:38
Meaningful Songs
When you listen to K-pop songs these days, you can often hear English as pa...
Oh Jinkyung  |  2022-01-08 16:35
Meet the Editor-in-Chief of Monthly Tomato, Lee Yong-won
Today, we will meet Lee Yong-won, the editor of Monthly Tomato.Q1. Please introduce yourself briefly.Hello, I'm Lee ...
by Lee Jeonghyeon  |  2022-01-08 14:14
D.P. Its Soundtrack and Music Director, Primary
The popularity of the Netflix drama D.P. has soared. D.P. is a Korean drama...
by Ga Soyoung , cub reporter  |  2022-01-08 14:09
Lessons Learned from the Controversy over the Chinese Movie Sacrifice
In September, criticism centered on the news that the movie Sacrifice (Chin...
Lee Jeonghyeon, cub reporter  |  2022-01-08 14:00
What Is Your Color of the Day?
The Daejeon Museum of Art will hold the 2021 creative center exhibition Syn...
by Ga Soyoung , Culture Report  |  2022-01-08 13:54
A First Shot Vaccination Rate of 70% Was Achieved in South Korea
We have been living with COVID-19 for close to two years. Now people seem t...
by Kwak Eunseo, cub reporter  |  2022-01-08 13:50
by Lee Hyejun, Social Reporter  |  2022-01-08 13:44
The Ultimate Guide to Exploring The Startup Facilities at cnu
Have you ever dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur?If you have, you need to ...
Noh Yujin  |  2021-09-03 11:46
CNU Campus Rocked by an Intimidating Post
On April 2, a blackmailing message was posted on the anonymous college stud...
Kim Haeun  |  2021-09-03 11:43
What we dwell on is who we become
Everything has changed. People never put down their masks on their faces an...
Lee Jaeyoon, Director in Chief  |  2021-09-03 11:41
The World Is Fascinated with Cryptocurrency
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets, where not only common people but influe...
Lee Hyejun, Lee Junghyeop  |  2021-09-03 11:29
Grade, The Result of Hard Work
In 2020, Chungnam University temporarily introduced a new grading policy providing students with an increased opportunit...
Jin Hyunji  |  2021-09-03 11:23
Grade, The Result of Hard Work
I believe this world would be a better place if we all strived to work together. For this reason, I agree with easing gr...
Jeon Chanyoung  |  2021-09-03 11:21
What Made Students Hostile Toward the Union Strike?
April is a fresh, beautiful month when flowers are in full bloom, but it is...
Sejung Kim  |  2021-09-03 11:18
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