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The New CNU Student Council: C-ONE
C-ONE, the only team running in the CNU Student Council election, was final...
by Minho Chu  |  2021-02-27 17:14
Alysse Herrou-Bebin, CNU’s Research Student from France
Students from over 50 different countries study at CNU’s Daedeok Campus. It...
by Quedahm Chin  |  2021-02-27 17:14
From Studying to Working in Korea François Alonso
In this edition of The Chungdae Post, Alumni, we met up with Françoi...
by Quedahm Chin  |  2021-02-27 17:13
Editor's Letter
The curtain has just come down on 2020. Throughout the year, ‘Is it worth i...
By Haeram Lee  |  2021-02-27 14:13
This Year’s Election and a Humiliating Second Election
In November 2020, Chungnam National University students were given the oppo...
by Minho Chu  |  2021-02-27 14:10
Bye-Bye Flash. Sincerely, the Cyber Campus.
Goodbye, Flash.On the 31st of December 2020, we waved our hands and said our last goodbyes to a piece of technology that...
by Quedahm Chin  |  2021-02-27 13:58
Information About Vaccinations
“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one be...
by Hyejun Lee  |  2021-02-27 13:41
Agree to Level 3 Restrictions
The rate of Covid-19 infections, which had begun to decline gradually, has ...
Hyunji Jin  |  2021-02-27 13:10
Increasing Social Distancing Levels Is Neither Effective nor Realistic
Covid-19, also known as the coronavirus, is still highly active and rapidly spreading. It has already been a year since ...
Seyoung Jeong  |  2021-02-27 13:07
Notorious Child Rapist, Cho Doo-Soon, Released
Cho Doo-soon, one of the most notorious child rapists in Korea, was release...
by Ha Eun Kim  |  2021-02-27 13:04
I, Daniel Blake
I, Daniel Blake's protagonist, Daniel Blake, suffers from a heart attac...
by You Young Um  |  2021-02-27 12:59
Green Book
Green Book, released in 2018, was inspired by a true story in the United St...
by Woo Hyuk Byun  |  2021-02-27 12:56
Emily in Paris
Emily in Paris was one of the most popular dramas in 2020. The story is abo...
by Woo Hyuk Byun  |  2021-02-27 12:54
The Grand Budapest Hotel
Emily in Paris was one of the most popular dramas in 2020. The story is abo...
by Lee Jae Yoon  |  2021-02-27 12:52
In What Direction Should AI-Generated Synthetic Media, AKA Deepfakes, Go?
There have been concerns about the concept of a girl group that recently debuted under the agency SM Entertainment. This...
by You Young Um  |  2021-02-27 12:49
Hidden Advertising, Is It Really Only YouTube's Problem?
In Korea in the middle of 2020, the problem of hidden advertisements displayed by several YouTubers became a hot potato....
by You Young Um  |  2021-02-27 12:32
The Soft Power of the Korean Wave in 2020
Throughout 2020, and continuing today, the world has been plagued by the Co...
by Woo Hyuk Byun  |  2021-02-27 12:30
Opera Concert Tour
In 2020, it was seldom possible to enjoy culture. Many movies, musicals, op...
by Woo Hyuk Byun  |  2021-02-27 12:21
The New, Expanded CNU Central Library
H1/The Need for RevitalizationOpened first on the 25th of May 1982, the Cen...
Quedahm Chin  |  2020-12-02 11:57
Chungdae Post 2020 Autumn Article(Tuition and Fees)
On August 4, Chungnam National University (CNU) decided to partially refund...
By Minho Chu  |  2020-12-02 11:57
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