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The Ultimate Guide to Exploring The Startup Facilities at cnu
Have you ever dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur?If you have, you need to ...
Noh Yujin  |  2021-09-03 11:46
CNU Campus Rocked by an Intimidating Post
On April 2, a blackmailing message was posted on the anonymous college stud...
Kim Haeun  |  2021-09-03 11:43
What we dwell on is who we become
Everything has changed. People never put down their masks on their faces an...
Lee Jaeyoon, Director in Chief  |  2021-09-03 11:41
The World Is Fascinated with Cryptocurrency
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets, where not only common people but influe...
Lee Hyejun, Lee Junghyeop  |  2021-09-03 11:29
Grade, The Result of Hard Work
In 2020, Chungnam University temporarily introduced a new grading policy providing students with an increased opportunit...
Jin Hyunji  |  2021-09-03 11:23
Grade, The Result of Hard Work
I believe this world would be a better place if we all strived to work together. For this reason, I agree with easing gr...
Jeon Chanyoung  |  2021-09-03 11:21
What Made Students Hostile Toward the Union Strike?
April is a fresh, beautiful month when flowers are in full bloom, but it is...
Sejung Kim  |  2021-09-03 11:18
Josee, the Tiger and the Fish (2003)
This film, directed by Inudo Isshin, was the first film I saw in high schoo...
You Eunchae  |  2021-09-03 11:15
The Movie: Good Will Hunting
The movie Good Will Hunting―whose behind story resembles that of the movie ...
Lee Haeram  |  2021-09-03 11:13
The Florida Project, the Land of Dreams and Fantasy
The Florida Project, which was released in 2018, is a movie about the lives of poor people who live around Disney World ...
Byun Woohyuk  |  2021-09-03 11:11
Media Editor, Ga Chae Won
1. Please introduce yourself.Hello, I’m Ga Chae Won. I’m majoring in playwr...
Ga Soyoung  |  2021-09-03 11:08
Reporter Park Jeong-sik
Q1. Simply introduce yourself!I was born in Daejeon and spent my childhood ...
Um Youyoung  |  2021-09-03 11:02
Have You Listened to “The Tiger is Coming Down”?
Have you ever heard the exciting song called “The Tiger is Coming Down”? Th...
Lee Jeonghyeon  |  2021-09-03 10:58
The First Korean Winner of an Oscar for Acting, the Actress Yuh-Jung Yoon
On April 25, 2021, in Los Angeles, the Korean actress Yuh-Jung Yoon was awa...
Byun Woohyuk  |  2021-09-03 10:55
The Netflix Original Series The Queen’s Gambit and Chess
The original Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit recently attracted the atten...
Ga Soyoung  |  2021-09-03 10:53
Daejeon’s Independent Cinema, ‘Cine Indie U’
The subject of this ‘Review’ by the Chungdae Post’s Culture Department is ‘...
Um Youyoung  |  2021-09-03 10:31
The Lee Ungno Museum of Art, the Spirit of Lee Ungno
There is a famous art museum in Daejeon. It is the Lee Ungno Museum of Art....
Lee Jeonghyeon  |  2021-09-03 10:16
The Two Sides of the Covid-19 Vaccine: Secure or Insecure
We have been suffering from Covid-19 for more than a year. Many people have...
Kwak Eunseo  |  2021-09-03 10:11
No Limit for Expectation
Lee Hyejun  |  2021-09-03 10:06
The New CNU Student Council: C-ONE
C-ONE, the only team running in the CNU Student Council election, was final...
by Minho Chu  |  2021-02-27 17:14
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