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[EDITOR'S DESK] Like a Marathon
Kim Yeon-woong | 승인 2012.07.03 13:54|(234호)

    Living life and running marathon are very similar. people regard a marathon as an extremely difficult sport, but they don't realize that they are also in the marathon of life. Like a marathoner, I also had a marathon for a year as a chief editor of the Chungdae Post.
In November of last year, my mother passed away due to cancer. A few weeks later, I had to decide to take the position of chief editor or not. To become the chief was not a simple thing decide. My younger sister was a high school student who was studying for the scholastic ability test that year. Moreover, my father was a politician so to take care of the family is my duty. I confused. Can I be the chief editor and run the Chungdae Post well under there difficulties? Can I not regard it as a burden? Well, I thought I can do everything well, so I took the job. That was the start of a yearlong race.
First of all, I tried to implement lateral leadership as soon as I was appointed chief, I didn't want to make atmosphere of the office oppressive. Like Google, I thought creative ideas come from lateral relationships and a free atmospere therefore I expected the reporters world burst with ideas that depressed by stuffy ambience, Whether it succeeded or not, it ought a positive effect to the editorial office, so i'm somewhat satisfied. The reason why I changed the atmosphere is that I hoped reporters do their work the way they wanted, but ultimately it failed because the reporters and I have a different point if view about how to work. Although we had some difficulties, we could finish the Chungdae Post's race, and we're preparing for of next year's race.
I don't know how to express my thanks for helping of professors and reporters. I always keep in mind that if there were no help from you, I couldn't finish my race. I express here that I sincerely appreciate the professors and I want to say to my girlfriend that thank you for supporting me when I fall into despair and understanding me even when I'm busy with a lot of work.
My race as a chief is finished. However, the Chungdae Post and the CNU students' race are still in progress. Please continue to watch the CP's race.


By Kim Yeon-woong  Editor-in-Chief

Kim Yeon-woong  kenesys@cnu.ac.kr

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