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[FACULTY EDITORIAL] 60 years of chungnam National University
FACULTY EDITORIAL | 승인 2012.06.22 16:21|(240호)

    2012 is a very special year for Chungnam National University. The university celebrates sixty years in existence, which is an especially joyous occasion. It means CNU has completed the sexagenary cycle. So, let's look back un the time past and prepare for a new start just as those who face their sixtieth birthdays do. 
    Chungnam Provincial University in 1952 two years after die outbreak of the Korean War. The birth of our University was made possible by two factors. The first was Chungchungnamdo residents' strong desire co have a university in the region, and the second was the Korean War. When the Korean War started in 1950, a lot of professors and students who had lived in Seoul moved to Daejeon. Those professors and some local personalities agreed to sec up a war-time united university to help students continue their studies.
When our university first opened, there were only two colleges with five departments. In April, 1954, along with the establishment of the College of Engineering, our university had three colleges with seven departments that could educate up to 1,800 students, in 1957, the university library was built, and a graduate school was opened with master's programs in five majors.
    Like all other universities in Korea, our university experienced changes, though some unwelcomed. Through the "April 19 Revolution" in 1960 and more importantly the military coup d'etat in 1961. The year of 1968 was significant in the history of Chungnam National University for the establishment of the museum and the Baekje institute as well as the opening of the College of Medicine.
In 1973, our university made a plan co relocate the campus to the "Daedeok Science Town." The relocation project officially started in 1978 and continued until 1989. During this period, our university recorded a massive growth. While it earned out the building of the University Hospital in Munhwa-dong right next to the Bowun campus, in the Daedeok campus, the College of Engineering Education developed into a specialized institution, the colleges were divided by more specialized disciplines, more departments were made, and the student quota grew in number. As research activities grew, new research institutes were made and the existing institutes were expanded. Student activities were extremely vigorous at this time. Our students were right in the center of the student and civil movements for democracy in the precarious and volatile political situations.
In 1990s, Chungnam National University not only advanced its curriculum but it also opened its door to the local society. The university offered local residents cultural courses through the continuing Education Center. The Museum opened classes about local history and culture and held the "Cherry Blossom festival." In addition, our university appointed renowned figures as adjunct professors and created a cooperative foundation of industry-university-research institute relationship. It also introduced the credit exchange system with other universities. Exchange programs did not stop within the country, but the university exchanged more and more students and faculties with foreign institutions.
In 2000s, Chungnam National University continued to grow internally and externally, adapting itself efficiently to the demands and needs of the time. in 2006, the university announced the "Long-term Development Project, Vision 2015 containing its clear understanding that the competitiveness of higher education is the essence of the country's competitiveness in the world.
In 2008, our university was designated as one of the universities authorized to establish the Law School. in 2009, the department of nursing was raised to the College of Nursing, and the Medical School was established. In addition, our university opened the College of Education with nine majors, which had been its lung-cherished dream.
As of 2012, Chungnam National University has grown into the best national university in the central area of die country, with fifteen colleges, one division, one general graduate school, five professional graduate schools, and seven specialized graduate schools. And according to the changes in social and educational needs of the time, the university re-made its long-term development project from "Vision 2015" to "Vision 2020."
Our university has especially tried to foster global individuals. It has also endeavored to provide students, sufficient scholarships and has made every effort to contribute to the development of the country and offer students the best-quality academic environment.
    Since its foundation in 1952, Chungnam National University has pursued the ideals of higher education and, at the same time, tried to satisfy the demands and needs of local, national communities. Our university celebrates its sixtieth anniversary in 2012 and promises a continuing growth into a world-class institution that serves for the future of human beings.


By Kim Tag-jung  Associate Professor
Dept. of English Education


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