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The New CNU Student Council: C-ONE
by Minho Chu | 승인 2021.02.27 17:14|(267호)

C-ONE, the only team running in the CNU Student Council election, was finally elected as the 52nd CNU Student Council after a second election. Let’s find out what the future of CNU will look like should they follow through on their campaign pledges.
The representatives of C-ONE, the President and Vice President, are Beomsu Kim of the Department of Business, and Jaehun Lee of the Department of Mechanical Materials Engineering Education, respectively


As for their past careers, President-elect Kim held the role of Planning Director in 2019, followed by becoming Council President of the Business Department in 2020 and a member of the Central Steering Committee and the Tuition Return Campaign Committee the same year.
Vice President-elect Lee previously served as the Planning Director of the 51st CNU Student Council in 2020 and was involved in the University Council, the Central Steering Committee, and the Tuition Return Campaign Committee during the same year.


The slogan of CNU’s new Student Council is “A Breezy University Life, Together as One (시원한 대학생활, 하나 되는 충남대).” The meaning of the slogan is further explained through their campaign pledges, as presented below:

On Education:
➊ To open a communication channel for handling lecture-related complaints
➋ To strengthen the CNU Human Rights Centre
➌ To establish a tablet PC borrowing service
On Communication:
➊ To start holding student representative meetings
➋ To make it clear how tuition fees are spent
➌ To create a freshmen participation committee

On Welfare:
➊ To collaborate with Yuseong Youth Welfare Services
➋ To launch a “Creating a Safer School” campaign
➌ To launch a “Barrier Free” campaign
On Festivals and Events:
➊ To establish Gung-dong Black Friday
➋ To create a CNU emoji set
➌ To establish the “Night of the CNUers”

Furthermore, the C-ONE campaign also made other promises, including a plan to start communicating with the district Police Station. C-ONE also spoke about the usually opaque nature of the collection and usage of Department Student Council fees, so they are planning on measures to ensure transparency in disclosure in the future.

Regarding “more constructive feedback on lectures,” and the plans on involving freshmen students more deeply, we can see these as effects of Covid-19 and the “new normal” era we are in now.
Although we are all having a tough time due to Covid-19, with the new year now upon us, and with the new CNU Student Council, we can be hopeful of a better school environment and a better future.



by Minho Chu  news@cnu.ac.kr

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