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Enjoy the ShowEditor's Letter
Jieun Son | 승인 2020.06.02 14:50|(265호)
Jieun Son, Chief Editor and Director

Change is startling, especially for university students like us. Our places are unclear. Yet, we were suddenly pushed into our twenties, obliged to be simultaneously responsible and capable. In our parents’ generation, being successful was objective and straightforward. Majority of the population did not enroll in university, so people who did were offered more opportunities. However, we now know that university degrees no longer guarantee us the same. We are not yearning for extravagant success. We hope to live as much as our parents, or just a little more. However, change is happening fast. We fear we have to promptly make our place in the future, as the world will change with us, or without us.

When we look at the long-term history of the GDP, we can see that from the past hundred years, the rate of growth has spiked compared to the prior thousand years. Now, the global economy is growing in the average of ninety minutes. To us, this level of growth is astounding. Yet, it is still statistically predictable to some extent. However, if the human era enters the intelligence explosion, it is hard to anticipate the future, and about our place inside it. The notion The Coming Technological Singularity addresses the end of the human era, as the superintelligence will advance technology in an incomprehensible way. If this happens, what should we do to prevent being the victim of our extrapolated technological dystopia? Should we stop our studies and all dive into the world of artificial intelligence?

The answer is to enjoy the show. A year ago, I believed I would fall behind if I did not start learning technological assets i.e. coding. In some extent, I still agree, but after contemplating why I am trying to pursue this career, my visions changed. The main point of computer science is not making a perfect computer. It is to create an ideal environment for humans using a computer. If the superintelligence achieves this in the future, our environment could be changed into a world where something impossible in the past would be possible in future.

So, we often complain how life has become more difficult compared to our parents’ generation. However, as technology advances, lots of businesses that were considered unprofitable in our parents’ generation are succeeding now, and it will proceed to do so in the future. Understand that submissive learning is no longer effective in our generation, and embrace the opportunity that we can express our subjective attribute, creativity. Consequently, the answer to whether everyone should code would be: they don’t. Instead, I believe young students like us should proceed on our dreams and ambitions, even if it is considered reckless or wasteful. If your goal is being an entrepreneur, persevere and fail until you become one. As the Chief Editor of Chungnam National University, I believe technology will navigate our Chungnam National University students, towards their goals, especially those who are enjoying the show.

Jieun Son  json29@naver.com

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