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By So Yeon Kim | 승인 2020.06.02 11:58|(265호)

Music : Stay – Rihanna

When I listen to the song Stay by Rihanna thoughts of people I have loved pass by. Sometimes we extravagantly give to others, believing that it would be worth it at the end. I introspect myself in front of the mirror wondering how I could make an uncomfortable relationship by giving too much. On the other hand, all my frustrations are released as I keep on listening. Now words are freely slipping out from my mouth, enabling myself to express my inner consciousness; and what I want to change about it. Even if the song is supposed to be sad, I find myself making a smile. I constantly tell myself to leave the past behind. This song serves as a new start by clearing my mind.
Lûna Passé-Coutrin

Movie : Les Intouchables

This French film is about the relationship between a disabled man and a guy who helps him live. The first guy, Philippe, is really rich and has a boring life. The second one, Driss, is living in a poor area and is involved in a dark business. At the beginning of the plot, they don’t care about each other, but then they get closer and eventually help each other to improve their lives. The relationship that they finally have is deep. Spectators are touched by this sincerity.
I have a weakness for this movie because of the actor who incarnates Driss, Omar Sy. He is a gorgeous artist who has a shiny smile and a contagious laugh. It explains why he won the Cesar award for best actor. Moreover, the movie is so good that he became the second biggest box-office hit in France.
To be honest, this movie had a great effect on me since it inspires me and makes me consider more of handicapped people as a respected person.
In my opinion, this film is one of the essential movies that you need to add it in your movie list. I strongly recommend you to watch it, alone, with your friend or family. The result is the same: you will have a great time. Emma Anquez

Book : Educated: A Memoir by Tara Westover

I will tell you a little bit about this book. The story is about a girl named Tara who was raised in rural Idaho. Her father has a not-mainstream view about the government. He told his children not to step on every government's facility until she was seventeen. When she finally got into a school that was the first time she made her own perceptions different from her dad's.
I have a few reasons why you should read this book:
First, this book was recommended by president Barack Obama and Bill Gates. This book also spent so much time on the New York Times bestseller list. From this, you can imagine how good the book is.
Second, this book is based on the writer's real experience which means that this book is an autograph book. When I read this I can't help myself but keep flipping the page, thrilled while thinking is it even possible? until you realized the book comes to the end.
The most important thing is “You can find it in the CNU library!!!!”

By So Yeon Kim  press.cnu.ac.kr

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