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ji-eun Son, CP Reporter | 승인 2018.05.15 12:24|(260호)

  News that newcomers in 2018 won’t have any admission fees hit the students. Preceding students had a small petition fee already, with small tuition fees. However, the newcomers had bigger benefits from CNU. Knowing this fact, CNU post was curious how cheap the CNU tuition fee is inside Korea and how many scholarships CNU offers to the students.


  Based on the academy info 2017 statistics, CNU ranked 12th in the cheapest university in Korea. Among the 47 national universities, CNU is inside the cheapest 26% calculated with the mean of all the major tuition fees. But if it is compared with private universities, we can conclude that CNU is inside 5% of the whole. Myeongji University is a whopping ₩9million in a year when CNU is ₩3million, which shows how gifted we are to enroll in CNU.


  CNU has the best faculties in Korea with a bunch of scholarships and small tuition fees. Because of the national university title, CNU gets approximately 40% of support from the government. But apart from the prearranged assistance, CNU sometimes has big donations from alumni or regional people. This year, CNU had quite a big gift from an ordinary worker called ‘Lee Youngsook’ who made CNU student's eyes stinging.


  Mrs Lee donated ₩11hundred million to CNU even though she wasn’t an alumna. She was diagnosed with cancer, but before passed away she wanted to donate all her belongings she had earned her whole life. CNU told the students the money will be used for the student’s wellbeing. However, students could not feel more touched from her deed Mrs Lee showed which struck their hearts.


  Good news that there are so many scholarships this year too. Students should go to the CNU homepage and search the scholarship page because there are two major scholarships everyone can look for; school scholarship and outside scholarship. School scholarship consists of Grades (admission record and previous semester)scholarship, welfare scholarship, special scholarship, Scholarship for service, Overseas study scholarship, Scholarships for returning students, where outside scholarship consist of National Scholarship, National Work Scholarship. Find what’s best for you at the CNU website.

ji-eun Son, CP Reporter  json29@cnu.ac.kr

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