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Ji-min Park, CP Reporter | 승인 2018.05.15 12:07|(260호)

  There are many foreign students on campus. It’s not easy for them to adjust to Korean University life. But, there was one exception. I met her and interviewed for her. Her name is Jang-Sinyeol and she is from China. She is majoring in the department of English Language and Literature now. And she said that she enjoys her university life well and that Korean culture is very attractive. Let’s talk with her!


  Q1. Did you have any interesting stories while enrolling in CNU? Either good or bad.
Sinyeol: I think that the most interesting thing that I experienced here is the ‘drinking game’. It is really fun and exciting. Through this game, I make many new friends so it’s really good!
Q2. How would you boast CNU to your friends?
Sinyeol: Our university is the fifth national university in Korea. So the professors are very great and smart. Also the students are high in standard and they study really hard. And there are many clubs in CNU so you can experience various activities through these. So come to our university!

Q3. What kind of fantasies did you have about CNU before you came? And what was the reality?
Sinyeal: Our university is really big, so the campus is also wide. Before I came here, I thought that it was an good advantage, but now it’s not a good idea. I feel like I come to my university every day to hike. It’s a little hard, but it’s also good for my health.^^n m

Q4. What do think about ‘Makdong’. 

Sinyeol: Actually, I haven’t experienced the culture of ‘Makdong’. But I heard that I can lay mats and talk with my friends and drink makgeolli with them if the weather is fine. I think it’s really interesting. I want to do it.

Q5. What do think about Korean drinking culture? How was the ‘drinking game’ and ‘Chimaek(Chickens with beer)’?
Sinyeal: As I said before, it’s really nice and I like to play drinking game. It’s very difficult at first, but the more I learn, the more fun it is. Korean students who study and play properly are the best. Chimaek is also good.

Q6. How was CNU’s club activity?
Sinyeal: I haven’t join a club yet. But there are so many clubs activities in CNU. So I want to join the club in this semester. I would like to join a study club and a  club where I can enjoy my hobby.

Q7. Is there anything you want to say to CNU students?
Sinyeol: Live hard, everyone. Every day that we are living now is our youngest and prettiest day!

BONUS. How would you like to say CNU life in three words?
Sinyeol: My dream, Sweat, and Effort.

Ji-min Park, CP Reporter  pjm1403@cnu.ac.kr

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