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CAMPUS NEWS 2Some Changes in CNU
Ji-min Park, CUB Reporter | 승인 2017.09.29 14:17|(258호)

  Do you know what has changed in Chungnam National University? Many people do not notice that things have changed: the TOEIC test site, health center, pharmacy and center of psychological growth and self-regulation are some of the changes. Did you feel convenient before they were established? Maybe you did not. That is the reason they were built on campus. Let’s take a closer look one by one.

  TOEIC is becoming increasingly important these days. Almost everyone who wants to work for companies in Korea needs to have a high score in TOEIC. It seems like a basic qualification of today. In conformity with such social trends, the 48th student council concluded an agreement with the Korea TOEIC Committee that students can take the TOEIC in our Baek-Ma Liberal Arts Building in Chungnam National University. The Baek-Ma Liberal Arts Building is close to the West gate and is located next to the College of Humanities. The important thing is that it only allows CNU students. If you want to take the TOEIC test, please enter the site below and sign up for a test. The next TOEIC exams are on November 12th and 26th. It is possible to receive applications from September. Note that you cannot take the test in August due to the lack of applicants.
(☞site: http://appexam.ybmnet.co.kr/appExamlink.asp?Examtype=toeic&comtype=cnu)
  A number of students have complained that it is too uncomfortable not to have any drugstores on campus. Complaining, they usually go to Gung-dong to buy some medicine or bandages. Now that there is a health center and a pharmacy in the Student Hall, they do not have to go outside of the campus. Lots of students do not know the fact that they have one on campus because they are located on the corner of the second floor where students do not often go. Furthermore, a music hall was originally there, so many students probably did not know. They were established for the convenience of our students and faculty, so please visit there whenever you need to. Especially, the health center provides health counseling on Monday and Wednesday from 14:00 to 16:30 so I hope you take advantage of this service.

  Have you heard of the center of psychological growth and self-regulation? It is a center that helps people to enhance their own adaptability by personal or group psychotherapy, psychometric and psychological education. In particular, the center will provide professional and systematic service by utilizing CNU’s specialized manpower and research infrastructure in psychology. Professor Jo sung-geun, head of the center, said that he would provide education, counselors and also promised to improve the quality of service. The center of a psychological growth and self-regulation is in the CNU International Language Education Center. You can visit there from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays. Also, It’s OK to make an appointment by telephone (☎: 042-821-6225) or by the Internet (☞www.cnu-psyhealth.com). Recently, the center and CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) Society made an agreement. So if you need their help, please refer to the above information and visit right away.

  All the things above were built for better student welfare. You do not have to go far away to take the TOEIC exam anymore and you can use facilities on campus without going outside. I hope you take advantage of them, and enjoy your student life at CNU.

Ji-min Park, CUB Reporter  pjm1403@cnu.ac.kr

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