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REVIEW2017 Asia Pacific Contemporary Art HELLO, CITY!
Dong-hee Kim, CUB Reporter | 승인 2017.09.29 14:04|(258호)

  <Hello, City!> is an exhibition being held to celebrate the 2017 Asia Pacific Cities Summit in Daejeon. The exhibition has gathered a diverse body of work by artists from cities around the Pacific Rim, all of which provide a fresh perspective on global issues, in the hope of promoting understanding and collaboration in the Asia Pacific region. The twenty-seven artists transformed various issues, which were discussed globally, into an art. This exhibition is promoting sincere cooperation and harmony through an interactive cultural exchange.
  With the coming of the fourth industrial revolution, the value of creativity is ever rising, and as the intelligence-based economy continues to supersede the manufacturing economy, its role in setting urban policies will only increase. At this point, we will have a question to ask ourselves: What kind of culture will future cities have in the era of multiculturalism?
  As its title suggests, HELLO CITY welcomes us into a new world based on the shared creative visions of individuals, where multicultural environments engender creativity, and new narratives for human civilization are formed through cultural convergences. Each of the diverse collections of work offer new visions of city life and the world of the future, with an emphasis on the power of human creativity.


  Visitors to this exhibition will have an opportunity to take in a breadth of contemporary art across the cityscapes of the Asian Pacific. Join this celebration of creativity and its ability to cross cultural boundaries and connect people with one another. Through this exhibition, I hope you will be able to imagine future cities which consist of various forms of creativity.


0. IMMORTALITY - The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.
  Will our cities exist forever? The expansion of human civilization has always come at the cost of nature. The Fractal Turtle Ship as a symbol of immortality, made by Paik Nam June, expresses the paradox of human civilization: it wants to go on forever on the earth but, at the same time, continues to destroy it. Immortality is not only the first spot we face but also the last place we arrive. Is there any meaning in this arrangement of the gallery?
1. FANTASY - We need fantasy. Not to escape, but to survive in reality.
  Paradises only exist in the human imagination. We all dream of paradise, and each paradise reaches its own utopian perfection. The installation in this gallery reflects the human conception of abundance, the utopian dream, and the fleeting nature of pleasure. As much as it is a temporal pleasure, the fantasy that makes us renew the point of view to cities is also a release of fear and anxiety, and through art, these are transmitted into something beautiful and lasting.
2. RECYCLING - Everything in this world can be reused, except time.
  A city is the repository of creative potential. At the same time, it is a grave in which is buried so many of our consumed and abandoned beliefs and values. In this gallery, some works of art challenge our usual perspectives on the values of life. It asks us: what is valuable, useful, or beautiful? More importantly WHY? Through this part, objects that had been regarded as useless become the very materials that might transport us into another world.
3. LIFE AND DEATH - For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one.
  The artists unsettle our perceptions of life and its meaning. Their works’ startling visual metaphor and imaginative vision possess a deep emotional knowledge that is as heartfelt as it is disturbing. Just as life and death have different meanings to each other, but eventually they become one, the transformative relativity of art extends beyond its boundaries and meaning, and becomes a chain that leads us.
4. BIRTH - Birth is not only about making babies; birth is about making us who we are.
  It symbolizes the way humans establish their relationship with nature. The pieces meld natural qualities together into something new, a form that appears both familiar and mysterious. It is a message that very small things can come together to create a big one that gives birth.
5. Journey of Dreams - Australian Indigenous Art
  The display in this part focuses on the art and culture of indigenous Australians in the Central and North-Eastern parts of the country. Especially, VR cameras are set up to introduce you to the traditional lifestyle of indigenous people in Australia. And several educational programs will be held during the course of this exhibition to provide insight into the history and tradition of Aboriginal people.

Dong-hee Kim, CUB Reporter  pen9uinus@cnu.ac.kr

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