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by Seung-Ri Kim, CP Reporter | 승인 2017.06.19 08:26|(257호)

Pre-Legal Clinic in ACE Rearing Enterprise

  Have you ever heard about the ACE program? ‘ACE’ stands for ‘Advance of College Education’ and its purpose is to make Chungnam National University a ‘well-educating college’. The program has a variety of different types of content. It has three core parts that are related to majors, cultural studies, and interdisciplinary. Each program has its own value, but did you know that there is a program which provides legal advice? If you are university students, this is available of free.

  However, most university students are not familiar with the program. In fact, although it was started last October, there are only about 20 students who have received counseling as of January 2017. The students who had been counseled said that the program was really beneficial and they think it is regrettable that many students do not know about this program. They grumbled about the fact that the program was not well promoted. In addition, the head legal advisor wanted students to know more about this program and to use it more actively.
  The law is quite close to our daily life. However, counseling with a lawyer costs money and takes a lot of time. However, the program provides legal counseling to the students for free. In fact, the cost of receiving counseling from a lawyer counseling can range from 100,000 won to 400,000 won. The better the lawyer, the more it costs. However, this program is free for all students at Chungnam National University. Furthermore, since there are professional lawyers and professors in each field that provide counseling, the quality of counseling is also considerable.
  It doesn't end with counseling. They can actually help with the litigation process as well at no additional expense. In fact, in some cases of counseling, such as violation of a contract, compensation, contract disputes, or fraud damage, students can take advantage of this 'free litigation aid'.
  Thus, free legal advice is a helpful program for students in both material and psychological aspects. If you have a legal problem, it will be good to try counseling through this program. In addition, we recommend that you pay attention to the ACE Program, which offers more valuable programs to our university students in various fields.

by Seung-Ri Kim, CP Reporter  seungri06@cnu.ac.kr

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