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Jin Ho Jeon
Department of Mathematics

Aesop's fables

  There are strange people everywhere. If we assume that personalities are evenly distributed, then the existence of strange people is always expected. Likewise, there are also critics everywhere who blame others, insult people who are different, and yell at other drivers, . Because of this, the societies we live in are all about the same ? just a different shape is revealed.
  In today’s society, anyone has the right to express anything, except defaming others. By that right, it’s possible to blame politicians online, or even in front of them because of the right to   free expression. By the way, in ancient times, people did not have rights to criticize kings or aristocrats. Then how could they blame others at that time?
  They did so by using fables. A fable is an old-fashioned, anonymous bulletin board where the king has donkey’s ears. In order to avoid specifying who the fable is about, it must be blurred by substituting people for animals or other things. It not only contains criticisms, but lessons. Some examples include The Hare and the Tortoise, The Ant and the Grasshopper, and The Fox and the Crane. 
  According to the previous paragraph, we could recognize two purposes of the fable: criticism for dissatisfaction, and a transmission of the accumulated wisdom to the next generation. You can absorb the accumulated wisdom originated from our ancestors if you read these.


Yoon Ji Lee
Department of English Language and Literature

Last Good-bye

  I would like to introduce one of my favorite songs, Last Good-bye. The singer of this song is Kyuhyun. This song was released in November, 2016. It is about getting over an unrequited love. At that time, I was alsogetting over my unrequited love, so I cried a lot when I heard this song for the first time. When I met him for the first time, I thought he was very attentive. He was not very handsome, but he was my type. After I met him, his face rose to my mind all weekend. Because I was not close with him, I didn't know anything about him except his name, face, and kakao talk ID. However, I didn't dare to contact him, so I tried to forget him. One day I was sitting in class while waiting for my next class. Someone said hello to me. That was him! We were in the same class but I hadn't known that. I was really happy because I could see him again. I watched him secretly and liked him more day by day. I told this to my friend and she wanted to see a picture of him. When she saw his picture, she told me shocking news. He was the boyfriend of her friend. I was really shocked but I pretended "I was fine". I could not do anything for a few days. At that time I met this song and thought the lyrics fit my situation, so I cried. There are lyrics like this: "I should fold up my love without anyone knowing.", "All I can do is say goodbye.", "It isn't for me, if only I let it go, I would end so easily." These lyrics stabbed my heart, but I felt as if this song consoled my unrequited love. With this song, I could get over that feeling, so I recommend this song for those who have a secret crush on somebody. Maybe this song will console you.



Seon Hye Kim


Department of Local Government Administration

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2006)

  People are more sensitive to a ‘scent’ than they think. Scents can make people remember a person, a place and even a precious or painful memory. It can also change people’s mood from good to bad. The hero of the movie, Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, is abandoned by his mother in a fish market. But he was born with a great ability of smell, which allows him to learn a language with scent rather than words. But, paradoxically, Grenouille doesn’t smell anything. He meets a girl on the street by chance and falls for her scent. He goes to the perfumer who is over the hill and studies about conserving the scent so he can keep the girl’s scent eternally. Trying to make a perfect perfume, he kills 20 women in the city. In the film, people call him a demon. But after seeing the movie I felt deep sorrow and pity for him. Just before his death, he knew that it was love rather than a perfect perfume that he really wanted. But not a single person teaches him about love, and nobody gives him love either. He was totally alone from birth to death. The film tells about abstract concepts like identity, deficiency, love and possession through the intangible and mysterious material, perfume. His life, which eventually created the most beautiful scent, was lonelier than anyone else’s. This reflects modern people who are concentrating on luxuries and opulence but feeling solitude deep inside. How about watching the 18th century France-set film on Grenouille’s crooked life?

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