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EDITOR'S DESKFinding the beauty in daily life
Sae-Un Lee | 승인 2016.05.19 16:03|(254호)

 What do you think of when you hear the phrase ‘daily life’? Usually people think daily life is repetitive and dull. We just eat, work, study, etc., having a boring time doing the same things you did yesterday. Repeating everyday life sometimes feels dull, wearisome, and lethargic. Most people live a normal life, which is just a repeating lifestyle pattern. If we feel bored with this lifestyle, our whole life can be one of depression. So, finding the beauty in life is important for appreciating life’s richness.

 Staying with people such as family, significant others, or friends can make these same things become special things, and sometimes things that we never expected can happen. A cultural part of life like a movie or play makes us feel fulfilled. Also, we can take trips to have new experiences.

 I usually take pictures to find the beauty in life. A few years ago, my everyday life was so boring. So, I longed for something to relieve the tedium. When I visited my friend, he took pictures with a film camera. I was just fascinated at that moment. After that, I bought a film camera and took photos of everyday life.

 I had never used a film camera, so it was very hard to adapt. On my first trip with the camera, I didn’t know how to locate the film, so I just came back without any photos. After that day, I learned how to use a film camera, and then I took photos of my daily life. Friends, family, playing board games, travel destinations, flowers, trash someone had abandoned, the university, my home, the sky, and everything that I saw and felt.

 Within the frame, a boring life becomes special. Everything looks like a beautiful subject. Some film has been exposed to light and has lots of noise because of age. However, every film is fantastic. A film camera has its own charm.

 I learned how to enjoy my daily life through taking photos and now my life is rich. When I am looking through my film, I feel like the happiest person alive. We all need an occasional escape from the boring, routine aspects of our lives.



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