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[EDITOR’S DESK] Remembering the Most Beautiful Moments at Summer Vacation
Kwon Da-sol CP repoter | 승인 2013.09.04 14:50|(244호)

   One day in September, maybe I will be weary about the many tasks I will have. When that happens I’m going to remind myself of the most beautiful memory of this summer vacation: Venezia (Venice), Italy.

   9AM. The time that I used to go to school by taking a bus, number 108. I arrived at Lido Island, crossing a waterway by taking a waterbus. “Buon giorno (Good morning)!” An Italian friend says hello, easy and composed in the busy morning.
   12PM. My belly clock jolts without fail. It’s lunch. Watching the gold sea keeping the sun warm, ate seafood pizza and spaghetti carbonara, the main dish here. Quiet delicious.
   3PM. I enjoyed sea bathing in the boundary between blue seawater and the white sandy beach. The back of the people enjoying tanning buried within the sand is turning to the color of summer sunlight. Thirsty, I took a bite of gelato, my favorite taste.
   6PM. On Murano Island, the specialized island for glass crafts, I bought a pretty glass pendant, thinking of my sister. On Burano Island, famous for lace crafts, I bought a cute apron for my mother. These islands remind me of scenes from fairy tales. Very colorful and gracious.
   10PM. On the heart of Rialto Bridge, I enjoyed the nightscape. My eyes grew forms of the beauty of Venezia. Taking a gondola (water taxi), I scanned alow and aloft under the deep blue colored sky painted with twinkling lights.

At the same time, I have a different feeling. The same feeling of travelling the course of life. As I miss a day in Venezia, someday I’ll miss this day like today. Remembering the most beautiful moments in the last summer vacation, I’ll live today with strength.


By Kwon Da-sol
Editor-in-Chief dasol422@cnu.ac.kr

Kwon Da-sol CP repoter  dasol422@cnu.ac.kr

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