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2020 Student Council Election Overview
By Da Bin Shin | 승인 2020.06.02 14:50|(265호)

On November 6th, WE:SEE was elected as the 51st student council. WE:SEE ran alone, with Lee Won Gyun (National Aeronautics and Space Administration major) as the president and Choi Sung Eun(Painting major) as the vice president.

The press conference of WE:SEE was held at the Hannuri Hall on November 1st. Candidate Lee Won Gyun and Choi Sung Eun explained their pledges and answered inquiries. WE:SEE particularly focused on their pledge on the Wish (pronounced in Korean as We-shee) Movement, emphasizing the importance of student's active participation in order to obtain their rights. The press conference was conducted in the order of addressing the candidate's pledges first while answering the questions next. This is overview.
WE:SEE classified their pledges into four categories; Culture and Social Events, Facilities and
Welfare, Education and Policy, Communication and University Operation.
First, in the Culture and Social Events, WE:SEE suggested Gung-dong's Black Friday, having competitions with Chungbuk National University, and participating in regional festivals while diversifying our university festivals.
Second, in the Facilities and Welfare, WE:SEE suggested installing a gate in the library reading room to permit only CNU students, Improving mobility inside the campus, e.g. public bikes, opening night cafes during the exam period, improving the dormitory environment, regularly detecting hidden cameras. WE:SEE will pursue on campaigning actively.
Third, in the Education and Policy, WE:SEE proposed on promoting the "Wish Movement", introducing the new course reservation system, collecting opinions on General requirement and General elective courses.
Finally in the Communication and University Operation sector WE:SEE pledged to strengthen its support by establishing a new job bureau, and by expanding existing communication platforms. WE:SEE was elected by 83.4% positive votes inside the overall 65.88% votes. Even though the school had promoted the students to vote more than last year, their votes did not surpass last year’s votes of 80.92%. There are contemplations that the election campaign was not as much as last year’s elected candidate RE:VOICE. According to the Chungnam University Election Rules, WE:SEE rightfully claimed their place by gaining the majority of valid votes. Lee Won kyun, the student president, thanked the students by saying, “We WE:SEE will make your Wish(we-shee in Korean pronunciation) list”.

By Da Bin Shin  press.cnu.ac.kr

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