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Brief Overview of CNU’s Exchange Programs
By Da Bin Shin | 승인 2020.06.02 13:40|(265호)

Our school’s exchange program is active. It is fairly well established, but students tend to get confused by its complexity. There are three major types of international exchange programs in CNU; the Genuine Exchange Program, the Covered Exchange Program, the Double Degree Program.

The Genuine Exchange Program is known to a lot of students. Under a mutually signed agreement, exchange students are allowed to return to their own universities after a semester or a year of studying abroad. The credits are converted back to their home universities. The benefit of this program is by paying the tuition fee of CNU, the tuition fees for the counter university is covered by our school. However, transportation and living costs are not included. Each country has different qualifications, so we advise readers to check the website for more information (https://cnuint.cnu.ac.kr/cnuint/index.do). The general selection criteria is consisted of forty percent of GPA, thirty percent of the language proficiency tests, e.g. TOEFL, TOEIC, and thirty percent from the study proposal and interview.

The Covered Exchange Program is a program where a student is sent to a foreign university with the CNU scholarship for a semester or short term. The benefit of this program is that CNU covers 80% of the tuition fee of the counter university. However, it mainly covers shortterm exchange programs, and it is relatively competitive than other exchange programs.

The Double Degree Program is a program based on a double degree agreement between our university and our allied counterparts. This program allows us to obtain degrees from our university and our allied foreign university by meeting the adequate requirements. Half of the graduation credits should be fulfilled in the home university, and the student has to pay the tuition of both universities. The school does not cover any fees.

Also, there are programs such as the Visiting Student Program, Short-Term English Training Program and an Oversea Internship Program. Among all these, I recommend the Covered Exchange Program, since, above the eighty percent scholarship, it is relatively more feasible to receive better grades than enrolling in a whole semester, and is the excellent use of the holiday. Chungdae post hopes students would be acknowledged, and proceed to study abroad by this article.


By Da Bin Shin  press.cnu.ac.kr

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