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By Hae Ram Lee | 승인 2020.06.02 13:35|(265호)

In the 265th edition, we interviewed Yoo Seung Heon, a math teacher in Daejeon. She received a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering at Chungnam National University.

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Yoo Seung Heon. I studied Mechanical Design Engineering which is now integrated as Mechanical Engineering from 2006. Now I teach math in Daejeon. People typically think that mechanical engineering students learn to design and operate a machine, but we academically study the foundation of Mechanics. There are ferroconcrete, aerodynamics and thermodynamics for required subjects.

I heard that you graduated from CNU with a master’s degree in Mechanical Design Engineering. What was the motivation for selecting your major?
I applied this major because of my grade. However, I did the things I could not do when in my younger years. While I was spending my time on dancing, I found the value of mechanical engineering, and felt I needed in-depth understanding. This is the reason why I went to graduate school and chose to learn more from my respected professor.
What made you choose a teacher at an academy even it is different from you major?
I tried to professionally succeed with my major. I interviewed several companies; however, I could not find a satisfying job. I once did a job that was not related with my major, and felt my satisfaction was not a good than doing what I was good at. Therefore, I started teaching students, by understanding the young minds of children.
What do you do as an academy teacher?
We help students who need academic aid beyond the school education. Students who are bored with school work, or students who wants to socialize come too. Being an academy teacher means we have to pay attention to a relatively small group of children compared to a school, so I believe we need more understanding than school teachers. I am delighted when the students open up to me and thank me for being a comfortable and understanding teacher. If students try hard, that is another satisfaction for me too.
Are there any meaningful episodes while you were teaching?
Teenagers need a person to talk about their worries and concerns, but sometimes people are not there to listen to them. Beyond being a teacher, I have the responsibilities to appreciate the children’s trust and listen to them when they share their concerns. I can recall when a student felt alienated and came for help. Also, there were students who came for my consult to quit smoking.
What do you want to say to the CNU students?
I know all of you are struggling to get a job. You are either going linear, or circular. However, there is no wrong way, so I hope you will cherish your courage and believe in yourself. Please proceed to move on.


By Hae Ram Lee  press.cnu.ac.kr

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