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CNU Campus Rocked by an Intimidating Post“A Bomb Has Been Planted in the Library”
Kim Haeun | 승인 2021.09.03 11:43|(268호)

On April 2, a blackmailing message was posted on the anonymous college student community application Every Time, stating that a bomb had been planted in the library of Chungnam National University. According to Chungnam National University, on April 2, at 3:13 p.m., an anonymous message was posted stating that “I placed a bomb in the library on the first floor of Chungnam National University and it will explode in half an hour, so evacuate.” “It is not a joke, I do not want to see you guys get hurt.” The post was believed to have been deleted after approximately 10 minutes.

Upon hearing the news, Chungnam National University made an evacuation announcement. Hundreds of students and faculty members were evacuated. The police were called in and so were military units and the fire department. Other related agencies who had received the report were dispatched to search the inside of the library to check whether explosives had been planted. The police and the military searched the entire library, but no explosives or bombs were found. People continuously posted messages on the community app Every Time, asking the offender to turn him- or herself in, but the student who posted the message did not show up. Fortunately, contrary to what was stated in the post, there was no explosion. The police and the military conducted a two-hour investigation and left after determining that it was a hoax.

According to Daejeon Yuseong Police Station, on April 3, a college student in their 20s who posted the message saying that a bomb had been placed in the library of Chungnam National University was arrested and charged. Upon hearing the news, the culprit’s mother came to Chungnam National University and admitted that it was her child who perpetrated the hoax. Eventually, the student turned him- or herself in to the police. The police charged the college student with blackmail and closed the investigation without detention. Police officials said, "The student returned home. There are no further plans for an additional investigation."

Most public opinion is that the students around did a good job of reporting the post even though it was a hoax. The students received praise for their quick thinking and for handling the situation well. People could learn valuable lessons from this incident. Even if something seems like a joke, let's be good at reporting and telling others. Do not work as individuals. Always be aware of your surroundings and be prepared for what may happen.



Kim Haeun  kimhahaeuneun@gmail.com

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