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The Last Witness - Sungjong Kim

Jaeseok Kim

Freshman, Department of Administration 

  I recommend this detective story. Because I felt intensive impressions with reading this book. That is related to this novel’s main feature I’ll introduce. First, Information in the novel is convoyed only sight of detective want to resolve unanswered case to reader. Limit of information strengthen mysterious tension as if reader is locked in narrow space. Second, there isn’t unnecessity in writing style and story. In this novel every element is organically united to one art and meaningful. So reader can attention to its theme and message better and feel more interest. Third, this novel isn’t limited detective story. If you read the book’s early story, You’ll feel thrill and curiosity connected unanswered murder case. But If you see the book’s ending, you’ll know this novel isn’t just detective story. Of course this novel is magnificent as a detective story. However, it reminds Korea modern history’s most tragic case everyone knows. Writer wrote this book burrowed form of detective story to convoy this tragedy’s vivid experience. it is hard to find novel has entertainment and reflection of history, long lingering image all. But maybe most of people don’t know this book. I think cause is that this novel is old. Without that, there is no reason not to recommend this book. I’ll hope you read this masterpiece.


Tomorrow’s work

Minkyu Kim

Junior, Department of Psychology

  If you are a fan of Sigyeong Sung, then it’ll be hard to miss this music on your MP3 list. But do you know there’s a small secret inside this masterpiece that many people don’t?
This song was first made by Jongshin Yoon himself in 2008. Back then when he was composing the melodies, he couldn’t stop thinking about Sigyeong Sung who had just got recruited. He really wanted to give this song to him but he had too much time left in the army, and as it happened Jongshin Yoon himself was a little short on the number of songs in his 11th album. So he sang with his own voice, but to his sorrow, didn’t get much attention after all. 4 years later, the rightful owner of this song came back. Only this time, they both were ready.
This song stayed up on Melon’s “Top 100 music list” for quite a while, and after their first successful masterpiece “On The Street” back on 2006, they once again showed everyone the wonderful harmony of Jongshin Yoon & Sigyeong Sung. This song is completely remarkable. In the Intro, it starts with a calm breeze coming from the violin and piano. Then Sigyeong Sung’s seductive voice comes out, almost whispering the lyrics which is his charm when he sings. When the Chorus starts, his sorrowful voice comes out to kill the crowd, and for confirming their death, he skips the second verse and goes right on to the Bridge. And as always, he whispers his way out of the song, and the wonderful melody comes to an end.
I strongly recommend listing to this music right after you encountered my article.


The Help

Jinseok Kim

Sophomore, Department of English Language and Literature

  I searched and saw ‘The Help’ movie, because content of this movie was included the English textbook in high school, and I got to know that it is based on a movie. The movie shows the black housekeepers’ miserable lives in 1963 in southern Mississippi. Black housekeepers have long been handled as property of whites, so if they met a difficult owner, they have to suffer all kinds of humiliation. However, people don’t care this situation in reality. ‘Skinner’ is the woman who has got a job to the local newspaper to achieve the writer’s dream after she graduated her university as main character of this movie. ‘Skinner’ has memory his childhood with his nanny, and she wanted to comfort the black housekeepers’ unfair lives. While she asked ‘Abelin’ to support with ghostwriter in the housekeeping columns, she realized the unfair life of black housekeeper. Moreover, she heard the story what ‘Abelin’ lost her son in an accident, so she was offering to write a book about the lives of black maids in which no one is interested. The more she went about it, the more the eyes of her friends were bad. But she strives to help the black housekeepers’ miserable reality. I think the funny point of this movie is that ‘Skinner’ and black housekeepers conspire and avenge on this house’ former white owner ‘Hilly’. This scene was very funny and delightful. Not only colour bar but also all kinds of discrimination are a behavior that is damaging one side as physically and psychologically, so I hope that the day will come when discrimination will disappear from the world, and I fell that it was necessary for people who first shouted at the world such as ‘Skinner’ in order to better society.

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