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OPINIONRespect Marriage VS Defend Marriage
The Chungdae Post | 승인 2017.09.29 14:08|(258호)
Park Seong Min Freshman, Department of Veterinary Medicine

AGREE  Love is a noble sentiment which transcends everything, including race and age. Likewise, gender is not a big problem in choosing a partner who will be with you forever. In addition, it is not up to others.  The right of an individual to choose his or her companion cannot be concluded by anyone else, and the prohibition of marriage due to a different sexual orientation can lead to the infringement of fundamental rights.
  In addition, if homosexual marriage is not allowed officially, when a homosexual couple has a situation such as collecting an inheritance or undergoing a major surgery, they will be deprived of their dignity because their marriage is not admitted. The homosexual couple will be excluded from the benefits of the welfare system, meaning that the rights given to couples who have an unofficial marriage cannot be guaranteed.
  In addition, same-sex marriage itself can affect the economy. In Canada and New Zealand, it has generated considerable profits from the tourism and marriage businesses related to homosexual marriage.
  The freedoms of gender minorities, such as transgender people, are already spreading. Denying love between human beings is a conservative way of thinking and it ignores individual rights. Homosexual marriage legalization can be a rational way to support the neglected individual's right.


Im Ei Gi Freshman, Department of English Language and Literature

AGREE  Along with 19 countries, homosexual marriage legalization was established in Taiwan, which was the first country in Asia to do so. The social atmosphere is developing into legalizing homosexual marriage. This phenomenon is a result of acknowledging the fact that homosexuality is a sexual preference of an individual, rather than a subject which people can claim according to their taste. Unfortunately, as people’s understandings cannot be changed in a short time, sharp conflicts definitely exist on the side which objects to the legalization. However, I claim that legalization of homosexual marriage must be established.
  First of all, the illegalization of homosexual marriage violates basic rights from the Constitution. As members of a country, they should not be discriminated against. Freedom and equality in regards to liking someone is their fundamental human right. An argument that homosexuals have a sexual disorder is just one common social prejudice. Therefore, asserting that claim as a ground is making the mistake of hasty generalization, violating the right to pursue one’s happiness and their dignity as a human.
  Secondly, marriage should not be only understood as a sexual relationship for maintaining and preserving lives as human beings. Some might argue that homosexuals can live together without the process of marriage. Marriage, however, is not just a simple ceremony held in a wedding hall but a legal promise that binds two people into one family. If the marriage of homosexuals is not legally allowed, not only can they not be protected by the law but they will obtain a tax burden and be unable to share property rights as well.
  In conclusion, to lead the legalization with less tension, first, we need to see different opinions and figure out the main points. Proper education is needed to ease the aggressive attitude of discrimination against sexual minorities as well. By changing the public understanding on this issue, homosexuals will slowly be able to obtain the same chances as heterosexuals.


Choi Yu Jin Freshman, Department of English Language and Literature

DISAGREE  I think that the prohibition of a homosexual marriage is right. My country, Korea, defines marriage as “Marriage and family life should be established and maintained based on the equality of personal dignity and sexes, and the nation guarantees it” in the Constitution. We should notice that this article clearly specifies that marriage should be based on the equality of the “sexes”. Sex and gender are undoubtedly different concepts. Also, according to the Constitution, each man and woman has to make unanimity of their mind, and they have to finish their marriage registration as per the ‘Registration of Family Relations Act’.  However, homosexuals cannot meet these requirements because homosexuals are not “man and woman”, so they cannot do the marriage registration. I know this subject is really sensitive, and my opinion can make someone who disagrees with me feel angry. Also, if legalizing homosexual marriage is fulfilled, our country will experience chaos because the concept of marriage and family will collapse. And I want to say my personal opinion. Today, we have many issues about homosexuals. However, I think homosexuals demand equality of their ‘love’ too sexually. We can find this fact very easily by watching ‘Queer Festival’. Many homosexuals and their supporters wear gaudy clothes and stride down the street doing stimulating performances. I think this aspect should be resolved quickly because this has a bad effect on both sides, heterosexual and homosexual. I think I need some time to accept homosexual culture. I gave my very personal opinion above, and I want to make my opinion clear. Nowadays, our country’s constitution has a ban on homosexual marriage, and many of our country’s people (including me) have some negative images of them. This is just fact. So I think making homosexual marriage legal in our society is too early. For these reasons, I don’t agree about the legalization of homosexual marriage.


Jeon Da hui Sophomore, Department of English Language and Literature

DISAGREE  Some argue that same-sex marriage should not be legalized because same-sex couples have a bad effect on other people. However, in my opinion, same-sex marriage should be legally recognized. This is because some occasions require a qualification as a family and legalizing a homosexual marriage will bring positive changes.
To begin with, if same-sex couples are not allowed, they cannot have legal rights and benefits. For example, Trish Gorman, who is a nurse working for an intensive care unit posted her patient's story on Facebook. The man had a boyfriend who he had lived with for 20 years and he did not keep in touch with his family. Nevertheless, his family did not allow the son's boyfriend to visit their son. The boyfriend could not do anything or even hear about the patient's condition because the couple could not be acknowledged as having marital relations.
  Moreover, it is necessary to permit a homosexual marriage because it will bring some smiles in the long run. For example, researchers at Johns Hopkins University said, "State same-sex marriage legalization policies were associated with a 7 percent reduction in suicide attempts among high school students generally." Also, the policies are good for the economy. According to the Australian Marriage Equality foundation, at least an extra 700 million dollars would be injected into the economy because of marriage ceremonies and marriage license fees.
  To sum up, same-sex couples have to be accepted legally as a part of a family and legalizing their marriage brings good results. In this regard, I support that same-sex marriage should be legal.

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