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[REPORTERS’ STORY] Hello Goodbye
The Chungdae Post | 승인 2014.12.10 11:04|(249호)

   Kim Min-chae
   I have been with the Chungdae Post for two years.
   When I applied for the Chungdae Post and had an interview, I was very nervous. After I knew that I could join the CP, I was very happy to join the CP. However, I was disappointed a little bit and had difficulty working at the CP because I was very busy and I didn’t have my time. So, I thought a lot that I wanted to quit the CP. Altough I wanted to quit the CP, I had patience.
   Finally, I finish my work at the CP! For two years, I have learned many things and experienced various things.
   Especially, I lerned patience. I think patience is very important for our life. I can’t forget my first article yet.
   After the first magazine that I wrote my article first was published, I was very happy! These experiences are very valuable for me, and I don’t regret working at the CP. After I finish this work at the CP, I will feel empty. I’d like to thank many peple who helped me and were with me at the CP!

   Baek Jin
   Time flies like an arrow and it is already the end of two years in The Chungdae Post. Honestly, I did not know that I would stay in here for two years. I desired to be a reporter because I was curious about writing articles in English and publishing university magazine.
   However, there is no doubt to say that I have learnt more than I expected. Working as a report of social department helped me to be responsible, develop relationship with people and focus on social issues.
   Consequently, I have effective time management skills and wider perspectives now; besides, those factors are closely related to study different subjects. Thanks for The Chungdae Post to bring positive changes in my university life. Robert Frost, American poet stated, “In three worlds I can sum up everything I have learned about life: it goes on.” I finished my duty as a reporter; however, it is a new beginning and I still need to go.

   Lee Hyo-jin
   Last year, when I applied for The Chungdae Post, there was no knowledge about English at all. A dread of composition in English seized me. However, the dread what I had been seized set me free gradually and was being changed to confidence through writing article on various materials. When my first article was published in the official magazine, even though there existed many faults such as awkward English, I made a show of it to all of people around me. That time still feel like the thing which is not far from my present and there is third new year of my university life waiting for me. At the end of this, I’m trying to find another new experience. The thing I will do in the future doesn’t like The Chundae Post, but I think my memories with The Chungdae Post will lead me tacitly when I confront many situations.

   Heo Moon Hee
   It’s been two years since I entered the Chungdae Post. I remember the first memory of this place as clearly as if it happened yesterday. When I started this activity, everything was new and difficult. However, thanks to chief editor of the time, Da-sol, the time passed enjoyably. So, I feel thankful to her until now.
   Besides, I had to go Seoul or other areas to cover the news, and it might be hard for me to do that. But, when I go to Seoul with my colleague, min-chae, I felt as if I travel. Therefore, two years is precious time for me that I can’t forget.

   Kim Yoo-ra
   When I came to Chungdae Post first, I didn’t know I would spend two years in here. Because I thought writing articles was difficult, a sense of responsibility from it was too strong. CP reporter’s doing is not easy so sometimes I wanted to give up it. However, the friends of CP helped me overcome that feeling I could make my own writing.
   Academic advisors, Prof. Min, Prof. Jeong and Matthew, polish my articles. All of those can show CP readers.
   I very thanks to advisors. I widened experience by CP and knew a lot of news of CNU and met seniors and students who have interesting their own story. I could make valuable relationship. Having two years in CP is not always good, but I’m sure it is important and precious memory.

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