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[EDITOR'S DESK] A Worthy Investment
Lee Da-young | 승인 2012.09.20 14:40|(239호)

    The Black Kite is know the longest living bird. It can live up to 70 year, but to do so, it must make a very painful decision at age 40. When reaching the age of 40, the Black Kite can no longer hunt because its talons have become too old. Also, its beak is too big and bent, so it cannot be used properly. Its feathers have become thick and heavy; a challenge when flying high into the sky. So, the Black Kite has a choice: either die by doing nothing or going through a painful rejuvenation process lasting six months. The Black Kite that chooses to rejuvenate itself bumps its own beak on a rock as many times as takes to break it off-removing it from the face. Afterwards, with the new beak, the Black Kite will chop off its talons piece by piece. Then, the Black Kite pulls out all its feathers painfully and slowly piece by piece, it takes a year for the Black Kite to change into a new outfit with new feathers, New, the Black Kite can fly again, high into the sky, and scan a new life for the next 30 years, We can learn a lesson from the Black Kite.
    A university is an institution where by higher education may be pursued. The sad reality is that many undergraduates are just wasting their time and energy. As mentioned above, the Black Kite invests six months, for a new life. By undergoing severe hardship, the Black Kite can start a new life. This is something that we have to bear in mind. Keep our New Year's resolutions in mind and do our best. Nothing Explored, Nothing Gained. Prepare yourself, in university, to soar like the Black Kite for a longer period in the future.


By   Lee Da-Young Editor-in-chief

Lee Da-young  ekdud@cnun.ac.kr

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