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[EDITOR'S DESK] Make it a Better Place
Kim Yeon-woong | 승인 2012.07.31 17:09|(232호)

    As you know, CNU had a lot of issues last semester. From the school festival to incorporation, some issues are still causing controversy. However, CNU students couldn't take action to help any of that, including The Student Council. The Baek-ma board, a BBS that any CNU student can post on, was really hut with opinions. I am not only the Editor-in-Chief of The Chungdae Post, but I am also a student of CNU and I also feel hostility toward the administration of the school in some cases. 
    Let's think about the festival that we held last semester. There has not been good communication between staff and students. The agents insisted that The Student Council to give up the street pubs during the festival, but The Student Council insisted that street pubs are students' ardent wish; therefore pubs must be held in the festival as they always have. They just cling to their views. Consequently, The Student Council planned the festival without financial support. 
    I think everyone at CNU should have concern for our university, because it can make the school better. Remember what you did when these issues came out. Did you think "The Student Council will do what I want?" People's interest in government politics make a country wealthy and powerful, and our constituency's concern makes CNU even better. As getting a job gets harder, university students only have concern for studying in order to get a job. I can't blame or criticize them, but I want to ask you to think about where you are. I know you are busy because you are studying, seeking employment and making more personal connections while our university's problems are none of your business. A country can't exist without citizens. As a student, having concerns and protesting illogical systems are our duties. 
    CNU can't be better by itself. It needs students' effort and concern. I want to make CNU a reputable university where all students, faculty and staff can feel proud and satisfied. 


By Kim Yeon-woong, Editor-in-Chief

Kim Yeon-woong  kenesys@cnu.ac.kr

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