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GOODDOCTOR'S LETTER | 승인 2012.07.12 08:39|(238호)

    The position of the Minority is Undervalued. --- it truly is. 
    In the 1970s, a disenfranchised MINORITY of young people in the South Bronx came together to communicate the frustration, anger, and angst of ghettoLife. From this MINORITY, Hip-Hop culture was birthed. In the late 1800s/early 1900s a MINORITY of Jamaican outcasts rook to the mountains to escape the influence of babylon. From this Minority, the world was given Rastafari. Currently, a MINORITY of Americans (5%) control most of the wealth (70%) in America. In terms of Biology, a MINORITY of sperm cells [ONE] reaches the egg for fertilization. LIFE is spawned from that MINORITY. The point is simply this: the position of the MINORITY should NOT be considered a position of weakness. 
    I challenge you to never see it that way again. 
    The Minority position is one of Strength. 
    Personally, I have been no stranger to being in the Minority. I have felt the isolation, loneliness, insecurity, and the nerd to belong-- just for the sake of belonging. As a result, I understand the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) required to be in a Minority position and find comfort within it. I understand that it is much easier SAID than DONE. I understand the power of racial allegiances, political affiliations, economic dependence, personal ties--and anything else that can possibly be used to compromise your principles. But, I also understand the Power of freedom. Through practice and patience, I have grown aware of the benefits of holding such a position when it is the CORRECT thing to do. I have felt the Power and Freedom granted to those who are willing to be the Minority-despite temporary discomfort. 

    I dream a Dream. I dream a Dream where I am looking down a soft, malleable, fleshy tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, I see fluorescent Light bouncing off a freshly waxed linoleum floor, I don't want to reach the Light. I want to go back where I was before all this movement. But, against my will, I am pushed closer to the Light. Before I reach the Light, I am Great. I dream I will make a difference. Sometimes I will be popular. Sometimes I will be unpopular. But, at all times, I will be Great. Then... I am Born. 

    This has been my longest recurring dream. 

    We all have Dreams. But, many of us avoid the painstaking process of actualizing those dreams because sometimes we know we may be uncomfortable and ALONE. -- and many of us choose not to pay this price. There are many reasons we forfeit our dream and grow comfortable with a life of conformity. But, one reason that is far common is:FEAR. 

    The popular American rapper, T.I., is absolutely correct when sings the words, "If your heart's filled with Faith, then you can't fear!" There is no room for fear, doubt, indecision, and insecurity when it is time to GET THE JOB DONE! No... you are not less of a person when fear and anxiety stop to visit. But, you become a STRONGER person when you show them the exit. With new challenges, come new fears... those who are open to challenges are bound to get scared from time to time. it's a natural process. But, always find che capacity to locate your Faith, clear your mind, focus on your goals, and get back to the task at hand. You'll be all the better for it. 

    This semester I've had the pleasure of teaching EnglishComposition courses. After the MidTerm period, I recognized my students understood the fundamentals of building thorough compositions. So, I decided to up the ante. We are now currently engaged in video dialogues with three (3) American colleges/universities. My composition students have recorded short videos which introduce themselves and Korean culture to the American students. Meanwhile, the American students are recording videos that introduce themselves and American culture. Students in both nations also have the opportunity to ask questions about the other country's cultural practices, traditions, lifestyles, and a host of other things of interest. 

    Before submitting these videos, some of students asked me questions such as: "Does our English grammar have to be perfect?" or "How sensitive should we be with our questions?" I understood there was a bit of nervousness, apprehension, and/or fear regarding this project. When I recognized this fear, I told my students about my feelings when I first arrived in Korea over two years ago. I 1old them about the anxiety I felt when I arrived in Incheon International airport. I told, them how I felt being a Minoroty in a country I know very little about. 

    I told them about how my Family would write me letters encouraging me face my fears of being alone and outside of my comfortzone.


Mama's Letter 

    Good Korean Morning -Son, 

Only God knows your heart... be real with Him. Please believe me... He is holding you and me at this very minute. As much as you want to come home... Yes, I want you to home at this very minute... But, God has a plan for you. Relax and trust Him that you are where you are suppose to be... It is called homesickness, and all people experience it. You are no different, because you are out of your comfort zone... now you really have to Trust that God will take we of you. and He will, just feel assured that these stressful feelings will pass. 

    Love you more Each Day!

Daddy's Letter

    You decided do this, so put best your forward. 

    It will get easier each day as you get more familiar with your surroundings and yow routine. There is nothing wrong with wanting to do something different as long as you keep in mind going to be a period of adjustment. When you get your phone I will keep you updated on everything. 

    Mimi said to tell you "hello" and you know I send my love. 

Younger Sister's Message [Erika]

    I love you too, dear. Prioritize stay encouraged. This, you can do.


    In helping my students overcome their fears of speaking English to native speakers, I tried to relate these same inspirational ideals to them. I tried it make them comfortable enough to give it their best shot... and then wait for the lessons that are to be gained from the experience. And so far, I am quite pleased with the quality of my students' work. They have proven themselves to be excellent communicators, ad I am sure that will see even more growth before the semester is over. 

    Those that understand the essence of "living life to the fullest," will understand why it is so important to become comfortable being in the Minority and also why it is important to manage your fears. Flaws and all, you are a special person with a special vantage point on the world. You have intangibles that will spark young minds that will come after you. So for the sake of generations of youth who will look to you for mentorship: Stay true to your mission. Overcome fear and anxiety. Live Strong. 

    I challenge you today--and from this point forward-to develop the mental, spiritual, and physical fortitude that will enable you to grow comfortable with YOURSELF. The Minority Report is about Leadership, Courage, Faith, Service, Discipline, Commitment, and Perseverance. You develop these skills through understanding who YOU are. 

    --and you never find out exactly who YOU are, if you apprehensive about being in the position of the Minority.


By eRic Durham      
Prof. of English Language & Literature


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