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[FACULTY EDITORIAL] Ignorance of crime is also a crime
FACULTY EDITORIAL | 승인 2012.06.29 17:03|(231호)

    One of my students tried to vote for someone this election. He did not support any of the candidates and there were no people who caught his attention among them. He gave up voting for someone in this election, because he supported neither the current politician nor any of other candidates. He thought that taking supplementary English classes that day would be more beneficial to him than voting for a candidate he did not fully support. 
    The election is coming, and we see reports on the political apathy shown by University students and people in their twenties. They say "What is the matter? I just followed the rules of the market ? select something only if it is worth paying for." In other words the rule of thumb in investment, 'invest your money in things that produce maximum profit' is leading many people in their twenties not to cast a vote. 
    Young people are well aware of the fact that their GPA and TOEIC score are much valuable than a mere vote. Right now, many young adults worry about their career right after graduation, and their future after that. Marriage, having their own houses and children are not easy for them. It is understandable that they should consider their GPA and TOEIC score instead of being interested in the current politicians; basically it doesn't matter to them who the mayor will be. Their situation would remain tough no matter who the mayor will be. When there is no direct benefit from the election, People tend to be politically apathetic. Then politicians become less concerned about young people's situation, which will reduce their motivation to vote even further. What a vicious cycle! 
    How can we break this vicious cycle? I would like co say to the candidates who want to be elected chat your success in this election and the following elections may be much easier than you might chink. If you are truly willing to untangle the issues that affect young people who just want a 'normal life' a life in which people leave their children to daycares in the morning, work hard during the day and come back home with their children and have dinner with their family. A life in which people can share a watermelon with their neighbors after dinner and not have much need to worry about the education, early retirement, rental fees, medical service. A life which is enjoyable enough if they work hard. is this really just a dream for people in their twenties? Is it just too much to desire politicians who can make this dream of a 'normal life' come true?
    Young people will come back to the polls if there is a politician who can show them the possibility of realizing such dream. They may cast a vote for him or her even when there is a supplementary class at an institute. Maybe they can help him or her using Twitter, or by voluntarily advertising for a candidate. Still, People can become political passionate even though it has been drowned out amid the loud noise of the world. 
    However, before blaming the absence of politicians who can make our dream come true, please note that your descendents will suffer if you do not help avoiding a bad choice of leaders. It is same logic as 'ignorance of crime is also a crime'. You are responsible to avoid a poor selection by exercising your right to vote.  
    If you of my students knows that a politician is not aligned with his opinion and prospects then he should consider voting for another person to prevent the politician from thinking that the majority of people are content with him. In other words, he has to cast a vote to prevent an even worse situation and he must find an alternative among the candidates so that a more reasonable politician who can realize our dream of sharing our watermelons with our neighbors can be selected. Politics is a greater force char governs us than the lessons or courses that we regularly attend.


By   Park Chan In 
Ph.D. Professor
Dean of the College of Humanities


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