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[EDITOR'S DESK] As Time Passes
Kim Yeon-woong | 승인 2012.06.29 16:37|(230호)

    As time passe, something is disappearing, something is being forgotten from our memories and people are sincerely yearning for something. You can't choose what is registered in your memory. It is obvious that no one remembers unnecessary things. So, I'd like to ask you two questions. Is the Chungdae Post necessary to you? Do reporters write articles that satisfy you? Well, I can't be sure that all Chungdaites world answer 'Yes.'
Although I have written a lot of articles in the past two years, the Chungdae Post is still not well-known to Chungdaites. Why is that? There are two reasons: First, we publish magazines only five times per year. Reporters want to write more frequently, but we have only five opportunities to write articles. That is not enough chance to put our heart and soul into the Chungdae Post. Eurthermore, only three thousand magazines are published every issue. There are 20,000 Chungdaites on campus. However, we can distribute the Chungdae Post to 3,000 Chungdaites. Is that enough? No, absolutely not.
Over the last two years, I realized that overcoming these things is impossible without Chungdaites' help. I ask you to look at this year as 'the new beginning of the Chungdae Post.' I want to make the Chungdae Post a part of your university life. We are ready to deliver hot issues and news with enthusiasm. I promise the Chungdae Post will be one of your great memories of CNU. Pleace watch the Chungdae Post, Chungdaites!


By  Kim Yeon-woong Editor-in-Chief

Kim Yeon-woong  kenesys@cnu.ac.kr

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