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[FACULTY EDITORIAL] The Aesthetics of Paradox: "Be a wise stupid"
FACULTY EDITORIAL | 승인 2011.01.31 13:25|(234호)

      "Be Stupid!" was the advertisement catch phrase of the Italian fashion group Diesel, the internationalfamous jeans brand, in early 2010. When the company launched "Be Stupid!" campaign, its meaning was to induce consumers to discard stereotyped thoughts and move beyond the standard of common sense. "Be Stupid!" is a smart and sensible concept that shows possibilities and visions co be explored in greater depth with wit and irony. It doesn't demand to be a real stupid whom we recognize as a commonsimpleton in a bad meaning, but means to be a creative and wise stupid. It is also a kind of paradox and oxymoron to emphasize the hidden meaning.
      The idea is very simple. According to Diesel's stupid philosophy, the world is filled with smart people who don't have the attributes of a creative mind. Among its original slogans arc "Smart critiques. Stupid creates.", "Smart may have the plans, but stupid has the stones.", "Smart listens to the head, stupid listens to the heart." and "Smart may have the brains, bur stupid has the balls," Here the balls mean abilities to create new stuff, to do crazy things, and to surprise common people by breaking down their general expectations. Therefore "Be Stupid!" campaign encourages consumers to try a new fashion style with a new idea and vision.
      It is sometimes necessary to live like a stupid in our society today which is too stiff and rigid. Our mind and thought become more and more hardened and fossilized because the structure of our society is inflexible. We always dream a deviation from the routine rules and principles of life, but it is not easyfor us to practice in action without hesitation. Firstof all, we should change our stereotyped mind if we intend to do something interesting and different from the usual platitudes of our lives. We need to live a happy and fun life with a positive mind if possible. In order to do it, we must escape from a profitable and quick-witted life which smart people like.
      Our society always requests a smart and sensible life rather than a stupid and unprofitable life. It alsoputs stress on the highest, the uppermost, the maximum, the very best, and just No. 1. It doesn't permit-the middle and lower level, the last, the loser, the laggard, and No. 2. There is also a outstanding meaningful copy "Think Different" that is an advertisingslogan created for Apple Computer. Our society has to respect the different thoughts and brilliant idea of a minority of people which are important factors in social development, although they are in conflict with the majority of other people. Even though they can be misunderstood as a stupid, they must be called a wise stupid leads our society. 
      Our society can be improved and developed by a few wise stupid people who are immersed in eccentric and crazy ideas different from the viewpoint of common people. Fr. Cha Dung-yeop, a seminary professor who is the best-selling author of Blessing of the Rainbow and Be Foolish, adores and worships stupid people who have leaded our society. He persuades us to be foolish by showing the wisdom of foolishness which is significant and precious values in our society. When we are in the face of unexpected difficulties in our life, we sometimes need a conversion of thought and an indomitable courage with a positive attitude that can be possessed by a simple person like a fool. Although our society is full of smart people,but running short of a courageous stupid. The stupid philosophy is useful and helpful for our life in a stiff society demanding just sensible values, If, indeed, you want to live a free and happy life, don't be afraid of making mistakes and dare to be a wise stupid!


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