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Agree to Level 3 Restrictions
Hyunji Jin | 승인 2021.02.27 13:10|(267호)

The rate of Covid-19 infections, which had begun to decline gradually, has recently started to increase again. People may be in a more dangerous situation than last spring, which was horrific. Considering this, it is clear that we must raise social distancing to level 3 and actively follow the stricter guidelines

These measures are reasonable considering the rights of students to a safe academic life. Some people insist that college life should fully return to normal because not doing so limits college students’ enjoyment of life due to the strengthened social distancing measures. However, this argument is based on viewing university life as merely a place to play, but the selfish behavior of a few individuals can interfere with the academic life of many.
Of course, we understand the view of those who have desire to have fun while young and want compensation for the long hardships they have gone through so far. Considering the health and safety of other students, however, there are obligations for us to comply with. These involve the removal of our selfish desires in order to guarantee the safety of other classmates. It can be said that this should be the basic attitude of mature university students.
There are arguments against having non-face-to-face examinations due to the restrictions on the use of academic facilities per strengthened measures to ensure social distancing. Yet greater benefits can be gained by increasing social distancing. As face-to-face lessons and access to school facilities involve coming into close contact with others, we are all at risk of contracting Covid-19, and, ultimately, this increases the likelihood of a greater outbreak. Who should take responsibility once this happens? Given the greater benefit of ensuring safety, which should be prioritized above all else, it is clear that we must endure the inconveniences associated with strict social distancing measures.
In addition, to overcome this national crisis, the whole nation must endure not only daily inconveniences but also financial hardship. Student opposition to strengthened social distancing measures ignores the efforts of the public. College life is important, but students must consider others who are enduring difficulties to help combat the pandemic, and, therefore, be willing to make similar sacrifices. Opposing stricter social distancing measures is no different from wanting special treatment only for college students.
We are obliged to approve of the strengthened social distancing measures that are needed to end the current national crisis. It is necessary to endure hardships for the well-being of the whole country.
In conclusion, we have to overcome a lot of difficulties and suffer discomforts due to strengthened social distancing. However, this is the only way to eradicate Covid-19. Students should make wise decisions now to experience the joys of free youth that will come in the future.


Hyunji Jin  English Language and literature/Sophomore

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