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Opera Concert Tour
by Woo Hyuk Byun | 승인 2021.02.27 12:21|(267호)

In 2020, it was seldom possible to enjoy culture. Many movies, musicals, operas, and exhibitions were canceled. The culture industry has been badly harmed by Covid-19, especially the performing arts, such as operas and orchestras, which have been postponed indefinitely due to the way the virus spreads between people in close contact with one another. However, thanks to the development of the internet, there is a way to appreciate performances without attending cultural venues and events.
Since the outbreak of Covid-19 in early 2020, many performances have been staged in a way that does not require many people to come into close contact. Even though viewers cannot experience the performances of artists directly in front of them, there is one huge advantage that online performances offer. They are generally free. Paying to see high-priced performances like operas or orchestras is burdensome for students, but now it is possible to watch famous operas or classical music concerts on YouTube and official online websites. Simply wearing pajamas and using a laptop, we can watch anything we want in our bedrooms. So why not appreciate a cultural experience that you have hesitated to enjoy before because of the expensive price? In this Review, I am going to talk about online performances and share the websites where they can be enjoyed.
First, YouTube is a typical website on which we can appreciate online performances. Recently, numerous performances have been uploaded to YouTube. Moreover, Nightly Met Opera on the New York Metropolitan Opera website offers lots of operas in high definition. If you enjoy listening to orchestras, there is the digital concert hall of the Berliner Philharmoniker, which offers free orchestra performances. For dance performances, the Royal Opera House provides world-class ballet performances. On these websites, I have watched several performances, so I can highly recommend some.

The first one is the opera Carmen by composer Georges Bizet. This opera, which has recently been performed around the world, is about the tragic love story between a soldier, Don José, and his lover. In Carmen, there are some popular songs that many people would likely have already heard. Ouverture and Habanera are well-known arias. The full version of Carmen performed at the Paris-Bastille Opera House has been uploaded to YouTube.
The next one is Beethoven’s Symphony performed by the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra. This philharmonic orchestra is the representative orchestra of Korea. Normally, it costs a lot to watch a classical music performance. However, it has become possible to watch this magnificent Beethoven symphony at home for free.
Besides these performances, there are many opportunities to watch classical concerts for free on YouTube and other websites. These days, staying at home is the best choice to protect ourselves and others. So it is highly recommended for Chungnam National University students to spend the long winter vacation watching these splendid online classical concerts.


by Woo Hyuk Byun  news@cnu.ac.kr

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