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The New, Expanded CNU Central Library- What Has Changed?
Quedahm Chin | 승인 2020.12.02 11:57|(266호)

H1/The Need for Revitalization
Opened first on the 25th of May 1982, the Central Library has definitely been the most used facility in the university ever since. However, after its reconstruction in 1997, the library had remained unchanged, despite an increase in the student population and demand for modernization. As time went by, it reached a point where the Central Library even failed to provide seats for 20 percent of the student population, providing seating for only 17.7 percent as required by law.
Noticing the obvious problems with the Central Library, the university started drawing up plans for expansion in October 2014, with the final proposal being approved by the National Assembly in December 2015. Construction started on the 18th of September 2017 and was completed in March 2020. However, the new expansion has yet to open to the public.

H1/A Much-Needed Upgrade
With all the improvements and a widened space of 12,000 additional square meters, CNU students will not have to see the with frustration over finding a place to sit. It will also allow the Central Library to hold more books, which will offer students access to more material than ever before.
Although originally scheduled to open in August 2020, the new complex has yet to announce its official opening date, most likely due to COVID-19 and ongoing final checks on the building and its supplementary facilities.

Three years have passed since the start of the construction of the Creative Academics Information Center, also called the CNU C-Library Complex according to an official newsletter. The remodeling of the Central Library provides muchneeded improvements, as well as an expanded study space to accommodate CNU’s increased student population

H1/What Will Change With the Expansion?
According to official reports from the University Public Relations Department and the Central Library, three new floors will be built, with one above and two below ground level. The ground floor will have group study rooms, conference rooms, and personal study spaces. The first basement floor will have an A/V center, a user education center, and various other multimedia centers, as well as a book café and seminar rooms. The second basement floor will have even more group and personal study rooms, as well as more book storage space.
The study rooms will vary in size, from six-person study rooms to 20. There will be 26 six-person study rooms, 9 ten-person study rooms, and 2 twenty-person study rooms. There will also be 33 personal study units, as well as 150 new tables and 900 new regular seating areas.



Quedahm Chin  news@cnu.ac.kr

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