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Case of the hidden camera in college of agriculture
By Hae Ram Lee | 승인 2020.06.02 13:55|(265호)

On October 31st, a CNU temporary research professor was investigated from planting a hidden camera inside the women's toilet. According to the College of Agriculture and Life sciences, the victim immediately reported to the police after receiving notice about the illegal footage. By police investigation, they confirmed the video surveilled specific parts of the user.
The perpetrator was a temporary professor working on a research project for three months (from October 1st 2019 to December 31st). He was charged with illegal video surveillance on November 5th, where the university priory cancelled the offender's contract on November 2nd. On November 5th, he was prosecuted by the Daejeon Yuseong Police.
The police pledged they would do their best to protect the victim from secondary assaults. Also, the toilets on campus were confirmed to no longer have hidden cameras. For the next level of protection, the Women Campus Security Group will thoroughly inspect the restrooms. The CNU Human Rights officials contended, "We will try our best to decrease anxiety on campus toilets by actively examining the restrooms. Also, we will consult and comfort the victim at the Daejeon Smile Center. The 50th student council; RE:VOICE, announced that they would request additional CCTVs outside the toilets if needed.

By Hae Ram Lee  h2bbby@gmail.com

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