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The World Wide CNU student of Semester 2, 2019: Jaume Peralta
By Que Dahm Chin | 승인 2020.06.02 13:17|(265호)

Students from over 51 countries visit, and study in Chungnam National University. In this edition of World Wide CNU, the Post met up with one of the brightest exchange student: Jaume Peralta of Llieda, from Spain.

Please introduce yourself!
Hi, my name is Jaume and I'm a Spanish exchange student. I'm 22 years old—in Korean age—and I love to make new friends!

How is Korea different from Spain? Were there any culture shock you had whilst being here?
Korea is different from Spain in many ways. People in Spain are more open minded and Spain
is way hotter than South Korea during winter. It may sound typical, but the most important culture shock is the way elders are treated. In Spain, we don't have the formal/informal duality language. Another funny cultural shock is that there's no bins in the street, whilst in Spain there's a bin every 10 meters.

Can you tell us a bit about where you came from?
I come from Lleida, a small Spanish city near Barcelona. There's nothing to visit in Lleida so don't go there:). But I definitely recommend visiting Spain because of the food, good places, and because the people are all so friendly.

Why, or how did you choose to come to CNU?
Honestly, CNU was the only option I had to come to South Korea, but I have no regrets as
I really like Daejeon and CNU!

How is CNU different from your previous university?
Chungnam Natioanl University is almost half of my city in terms of size, so CNU is far bigger than Lleida University. Also we don't have transportation, dorms, or cafes/shops for students inside the university.

Can you tell me one memorable experience you had in CNU?
I really enjoyed the Fall festival at the start of the semester because of the friendly environment I could experience.

What do you like, and what do you dislike about CNU?
I like that CNU is so huge, has free buses for students, has an emart in the dormitory, and especially that it’s is near Gung-dong. The only thing that I dislike is that is far from Central

Do you have anything to say to your friends here?
“Hiiiii guys, I'm in the Chungnam University newspaper! You all made my 3 months here enjoyable and for my foreigner friends, I will miss you a lot:(,I hope we will meet each other soon!”


By Que Dahm Chin  press.cnu.ac.kr

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