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An innocent man has been prisoned for 20 years:the 8th serial killing in Hwaseong
By Ha Eun Kim | 승인 2020.06.02 12:05|(265호)

The notorious serial killer, Lee Chun-jae(56), is infamous for confessing t.hat he committed a total of 14 murders and 30 sexual assaults between 1986 and 1994 in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province. Lee Chun-jae(56), who confessed to being the culprit in the Hwaseong serial murder case, also accepted responsibility for the eighth incident, which was concluded to be a copycat crime, and a man surnamed Yoon(52), who was then designated as the culprit, is being reinvestigated.
The man named Lee Chun-jae(56) serial killer in South Korea. He is a criminal who was sentenced to life in prison for killing his sister-in-law in Cheongju in 1994, and is responsible for the serial killings in Hwaseong, Gyunggi Province. Lee Chun-jae(56) is currently in prison in Busan, where he tried to transfer to Anyang due to the investigation into the Hwaseong incident, but ended up being an aborted one. To tell more specifically about what kind of person he was, the shocking thing was that he concealed his duplicity.

Those who remember his childhood all remember him as a kind and a quiet child. The villagers remembered Lee as a "good, responsive, and a child who has a good character." His colleagues also remembered Lee as a "very good friend" and "a plucky child." His parents and younger brother also stated him as "quiet and introverted“, and there's no sign of that like the incidents that happened. That’s why his family insisted that it was done out of anger and he just happened to do it when they were asked about the murder case of Lee's sisterin-law. Considering that he has been a well-behaving prisoner without any trouble since his imprisonment, he seems to have been a thoroughly compliant person with hierarchy. In other words, he stayed calm in front of family members, acquaintances, and prison guards who were clearly above him or equal to him, but was violent and merciless to those who were clearly defined below him. He even remained calm after the crime and strongly denied the allegations until the police held clear evidence.
For anyone who wanted it to be solved and to make sure to not miss even the smallest clue, the 1986 incident involved 2.05 million police officers and 21,000 suspects under investigation. The largest number of personnel were mobilized in the history of the Republic of Korea, but they were not coordinated with each other and it wasn't efficient. At that time, the methods they just tried in investigation was to investigate the victims' surroundings or background. There was no scientific or systematic investigation. But now, by 2019, with the people’s effort that didn't let the investigation being given up until now, we finally found the criminal who had the audacity and wickedness to kill the women who were innocent deliberately and with bad intentions. So, before all of this happened, an innocent man surnamed Yoon(52), has been put in jail for over the two decades. He claims he was wrongfully convicted based on a false confession he made while being tortured by law enforcement.

Not even the family duty counsel was no help to him. And now he has served 20 years in prison after being convicted of the September 16, 1988 murder case in Hwaseong, Geonggi Province. After the confession of the suspect, Lee Chun-jae (56), Yoon(52) asked for a retrial and it is currently one of the events that is highly publicized in South Korea.
Through this event, an innocent man had been put to jail and now or then, it can be seen as an example of a society being dishonest, corruption in the police, trials, judges, and abusing the weak people. Actually, this also means that the law itself is severe to the people that have no strength, power or authority, and to the disadvantaged, when it must be used either to protect them.

By Ha Eun Kim  press.cnu.ac.kr

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