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CAMPUS NEWSBaekma Daedongje: An Upcoming University Festival!
Sejung Kim, CUB Reporter | 승인 2018.10.16 16:47|(261호)

As you know, it’s already September, and that means that ‘Baekma Daedongje’ (Chungnam National University Festival) is just around the corner. Since I thought that most freshmen, like me, don't know much about the festival, I decided to write this article to introduce it.

  Let’s talk about last year’s festival. Last year, there were many fun things to enjoy like busking, a flea market, theme pubs, and food trucks. Also, famous rappers Jessi and Swings, indie singers Cheese and Mind U, and an idol group La Boum visited our university and brightened up the atmosphere. I think this year's festival will be quite similar to last year, except for some changes.

  First of all, the student council will be missing. As the festival is a big event, the duties of the student council are important. However, because an ad-hoc committee is managing the festival instead of the student council, I guess there will be a difference. Secondly, a law prohib- iting the sale of alcohol at university festivals has recently been enacted. This is because some universities in Incheon violated liquor tax laws in the past. Traditionally, almost every university department opens their own ‘Theme Pub’ and sells alcohol and food during the festival period. I wonder how the pubs will be affected by this new law.

  Secondly, a law prohibiting the sale of alcohol in university festival is recently legislated. It is because some universities in Incheon have violated liquor tax law. Traditionally, almost every department in university have opened their own ‘Theme Pub’ and sold alcohol and food during the festival period, but from this year, I guess the pub will be closed by the influence of the law.

  By the way, I am curious how many people will visit our university to enjoy the festival. This year, KAIST invited the famous indie band 10cm to its festival, and many Chungdae students went there to enjoy the performance. It was similar at Hannam University, where the famous idol group WINNER performed at its festival. Since our university’s festival is held later than other festivals, I guess many people will visit our school to enjoy the festival.

  Through the festival, students of Chungnam National University will be able to create harmony and love. And last but not least, maybe you will find your soulmate!

Sejung Kim, CUB Reporter  ksj990720@cnu.ac.kr

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