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Jimin Park, CP Reporter | 승인 2018.10.16 16:45|(261호)

  Did you have a good time during the summer vacation? And now, how is your university life? If your university life is a little dull, don’t worry. There is a good way to lead a fruitful school life. Many students don’t know where the CNU Institute of International Language Education (IILE) is or what the Office of International Affairs does (OIA). To give a short account, the CNU IILE offers a variety of foreign language programs. And the OIA runs exchange programs with other universities abroad. From now on, let me explain in detail!

  First, the CNU IILE is located near the front entrance of the university. And it offers various foreign language programs including English, Japanese, Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, and Russian. Furthermore, their courses are well organized, so if you take a class, you may develop the ability to speak a foreign language fluently. Regarding the English programs, you can take a grammar class, TOEIC, TOEFL, and even English speaking and writing classes. In addition, there is also a Korean language program, so foreign students can also take a class at the CNU Institute of International Language Education. And there are classes during vacations as well as during the semester. So visit the website whenever you have time. Also, they regularly provide an opportunity to take a mock TOEIC test. So if you need to obtain and submit a TOEIC score to your department, the score from this test is accepted for administrative and academic purpose. So if you want to spend your time wisely and effectively, I recommend checking out the website below:

CNU Institute of International Language Education: http://dream.cnu.ac.kr/index.php

  Second, the OIA is located in room 217 of the building next to the Baeng-ma Liberal Arts Building. The OIA has taken a leading role in building up partnerships with foreign institutions and students. There are two major programs offered by the OIA. One is the Student Exchange Program, a big part of university life. It is a program involving the exchange of students for a certain period of time, in accordance with a mutual student exchange agreement. Exchange students generally study for one semester or a year at a foreign university, and this period of study and grades achieved are recognized by their home universities upon their return. The other is the Study Abroad Program. It is somewhat similar to the Student Exchange Program. It is a program that enables CNU students to study for a certain period of time (one semester or short-term) at a foreign university with the aid of a scholarship. The former and the latter are slightly different regarding eligibility criteria, so you can visit the website if you want more details. As there are many other programs that may interest you, I hope you visit the following website address:

Office of International Affairs: http://cnuint.cnu.ac.kr/

  The CNU IILE and the OIA are working hard to improve the lives and studies of students. So, I hope you check out the website during the vacation or the semester and enjoy many benefits on offer.


Jimin Park, CP Reporter  json29@cnu.ac.kr

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