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CNU'S ALUMNIThe Weight of the Hippocratic Oath
ji-eun Son, CP Reporter | 승인 2018.05.15 12:20|(260호)

  CNU premedical school has had the 50th year ceremony on 18th November 2017. As a CNU reporter, I had the urge to ask what it takes to keep the Hippocratic oath. Luckily the CNU medical school professor 'Jeong Jingyu' kindly accepted the interview, making it possible to answer my curiosities.

Q1. Please introduce yourself


  Before I start, I want to thank for not asking me to do an English interview. I started my CNU premedical course undergraduate in 1992, and I had graduated in 1998. At present I am working as a doctor looking after patients, a teacher teaching students and a researcher doing my work.


Q2. When did you decide to do this job? Why did you choose it?


  I had first applied as an engineering student, but I started to think about my doctor's career from the point I thought I didn't have talent in engineering. I chose this career because, in the books or medium, it seemed like the warm heart determined to help and lead the patient with sincerity looked more important than some big talent.


Q3. What kind of effort was needed for this path?


  I guess I tried my best on every step. At 1992, there were 120 newcomers, but 6 years later only 75 were left in 1998 (At that time the curriculum consisted of 2 years premed and 4 years med with no further graduate school). I had heard it was tough, and it really was. I used to fight with the lack of sleep and strength in my intern period. Majority of times I had to sleep 3 to 4 hours a day. I had so many times I wanted to quit I even secretly carried a resignation letter deep inside my doctors gown in my first intern year. Even though I had my will, I stand in this position thanks to the support my family and friends gave me.


Q4. When were the harshest and rewarded moments?


  There was a time when 3 of my patients I personally was in charge of passed away on the same day. The situation was frantic but tears filled with thoughts of my lack of ability came to my head. Even now, it was such a harsh experience. However, as a contrary, I feel rewarded when seriously ill patients(mostly cancer) who got the prompt detection with the right medication thanks me later in hospital with a smile after perfect restoration.


Q5. What was the most memorable and helpful activity while you were in CNU?


  I had a few times out in rural areas for medical services, but back in 1992, there were still medically uncultivated areas. University student went for volunteer work but I assisted doctors since I was a medical student. I did medical errands, but I got scolded a lot because it was quite strict back then. Now I smile feeling rewarded from my efforts even though it really was tough.

Q6. What are your goals for 2018?


  My goal is leaving my name as a doctor who was looked for when patients were sick and weary. I have a small hope my thesis that I have been preparing this year would be on a good journal too.


Q7. Please give some advice for the CNU students as a final


  I guess the biggest concern is about the future career, but I too had many thoughts through my way on becoming a CNU professor in the CNU hospital. Some may think I moved forward towards my doctor's license, yet I had times when I prepared for my American medical exam and the civil service exam just for a while. I even did physical labour on construction sites. There is no better way to explore the field of a career more than experience. Directly or indirectly, learning by trying is the best. It may be fearful at first. But it's ok to have no clues or even make mistakes. Before thinking about it too much, the best way to find what's best for oneself is experiencing.


  Professor 'Jeong Jingyu' answered all the questions with such sincerity. Even though the job is known as the highest paid, we can't imagine how much pain and effort has been put inside. Every job has its downside. Celebrating the 50th anniversary, I am thrilled to understand the depth of this job from this interview.

ji-eun Son, CP Reporter  json29@cnu.ac.kr

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