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Yu-jin Ahn, CP Editor-in-Chief | 승인 2017.12.21 14:20|(259호)

  Greetings, Readers. It is December. The cold has become harder to bear, and the fall passed by in a flicker. This means that the finals are coming, and it is the end of the semester. There could be some concerns in our everyday lives about studying, meeting people, and completing tasks. Therefore, relax and take a look at this issue’s articles. They will provide you with entertainment for the rest of December.

  In this month’s issue, The Chungdae Post cover story is about the social issues of consumer deception in the Korean market. You can have a glimpse of what is happening at CNU in the Campus News section. There is also a look at the problem regarding the “Seoul Republic” in the Zoom-In section. Sexual assault on campus, which has become a crucial issue in reality, is also discussed. New lifestyles, vegetarian trends, and a real-life individual one of the main characters in the webtoon Songgot is modeled after feature too. After watching the recently re-released movie If Only (2004), a love story about a couple and the improvement of their relationship over time, which I found to be very touching, I thought again about the meaning of love. You can read a poem in the Pabulum section. Also, we have prepared a review of the Pop-UP Lab. I hope you take this into consideration and enjoy it. In the campus section, you can find information on books, news, lectures, and others dealing with the issue of “the 4th Industrial Revolution.”

  Korea’s technology is developing at a fast pace. The Internet was one major development, and now it is time for the development of smartphones and AI (Artificial Intelligence). According to Tech Target, a firm that offers data-driven marketing services, the definition of the 4th Industrial Revolution is the current and developing environment in which “disruptive technologies and trends,” such as the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI), are changing the way we live and work. The problem of robots and AI replacing human jobs should be solved by finding new ways of educating and training people to adapt themselves to this change, or by giving robots only simple tasks. Furthermore, the development of technology is for people. To understand people, humanities should not be neglected. Many famous successful figures like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg have chosen humanities as one of the ways to success. In addition, conglomerates like Hyundai Motors have been recruiting people who successfully take a history essay exam. This also shows the importance of humanities. Therefore, to be ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution, it is important to find ways to bring technology and humanities together.

Yu-jin Ahn, CP Editor-in-Chief  yujinahn16@cnu.ac.kr

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