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CNU'S ALUMNIOpportunities Are Everywhere
Seung-ri Kim, CP Reporter | 승인 2017.12.21 14:08|(259호)

  Who is he?

  His name is Eun-gyul Kim. His main jobs are to manage sports teams such as athletics teams, swimming teams, and table tennis teams, etc., which include managers and coaches. Also, he makes yearly or monthly training schedules for them. Furthermore, to enhance their athletic performances, he regularly requests the Daejeon Sports Science Center to measure their physical fitness and athletic abilities. What is more surprising is that even though he has a job as an employee of a public firm, he has various other credentials. In other words, he does not stop challenging himself.

  What do you find rewarding? And when do you feel frustrated?
  Our teams do a variety of activities. Among them, there is a program to visit childcare facilities such as orphanages every quarter. We operate a “visiting exercise classroom” that provides one-on-one instruction to our neighbors and serve our community by donating talents.  Through that, I feel rewarded. Regarding the second question, we do not have enough money to scout talented players, so I think that’s the hardest thing for me to think about.

  What are the advantages and disadvantages of working in the Daejeon Industrial Complex?
  I think there are many advantages, but the two best things are that the working environment is good and I have plenty of time after work. You do not have to worry about being fired, and after work, you can study other subjects to develop yourself. However, often, staffing and workload positions are one-sided. Aside from this, there is not much inconvenience during work.

  How many credentials do you have? Can you tell me about them?
  Maybe seven, I think. The most difficult license to acquire was real estate broker license. Frankly speaking, I studied until dawn every night for it. I think making this kind of effort would provide chances for everyone. Of course, other licenses like a teaching certificate or a data processing engineer certificate are also difficult to study for; however, if you try hard, your efforts will not betray you.

  Can you give CNU students any tips to get a job?
  Because the Industrial Complex is a provincial public corporation affiliated with Daejeon City, there is the benefit that you can work in Daejeon without worrying about relocating to other regions. It is not a small enterprise with business limited to Daejeon and its surrounding areas, but it is a large public company where one can experience various aspects of various facilities, such as environmental facilities, sports facilities, and welfare facilities. Instead of favoring only big businesses, it also helps to think about getting a job at one of those various facilities management corporations in Daejeon City.

  To CNU students!

  Only if you are ready, can you get opportunities. Whatever you want, if you study hard for it, you can achieve it. Whenever I want to give up, I always think of this axiom: “Heaven helps those who help themselves.”.


  I think this is really true. The fact that you're trying means you're not idle anymore. Believe in yourself and give everything your best shot.

Seung-ri Kim, CP Reporter  seungri06@cnu.ac.kr

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