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Sujin Woo, CP Editor-in-Chief | 승인 2017.09.29 14:15|(258호)

  I was into survival audition television shows such as Real Documentary: Big Bang, and WIN: Who Is Next at an early age. They were definitely one of my favorites. It would give me a big thrill to watch shows in which those who took part in auditions chased their dreams, endured a series of hardship, and then finally succeed. Rooting for every participant, albeit not equally, I hoped no one to fail at each stage they faced and I also hoped to overcome a tough situation I faced, identifying their situations with mine.
As I became an undergrad student, however, I rarely watched that kind of shows because I was too busy to focus on my lane. In other words, I could hardly find some time to see what other people do or just was not interested in it anymore. It is fair to say I only paid attention to self-enlarging experience; studying hard to get good grades in classes, saving some money by doing a part time job, studying abroad, striking up relationships with people from different countries, getting careers related to my future job and so on just as same as other undergrad students at CNU chase their goals.
There were still a number of viewers who watch that kind of the audition program, however. Produce 101 Season 2 was popular with the Korean public. After Produce 101 premiering on April 7, the viewer ratings of the show almost gradually increased and on the last day, it received the highest ratings with 5.2 percent. One of my cousins was a huge fan of the show like I was at that age, some high school students who visited us, Chungdae post, said that most of the students in their school including themselves were interested in the show, and most of the reporters here in Chungdae Post were interested in the show as well.
To bring myself up to date, I decided to watch some video clips of it. While watching them, I thought people have different tastes and also they are totally different from one another. Then, I came up with an expression, different strokes for different folks, meaning that everyone has their own ways of doing things that suit them. Sometimes the saying could apply when we are saying everyone has their own outlook on life or the way approaching life.
As the saying tells us, now that no one could be exactly same, I believe that everyone should be themselves. I mean, for you could not be the other one even if you want to be, you need to accept the way you are and try to be the best version of you. It is helpful to keep this in mind especially when you have a tough time such as deciding on your career. If you agree with what I say, please pay more attention to the article related to job seeker on the page 11, the peom on page 15, and the article regarding yolo life on the page 26. I hope you to be encouraged to take the extra steps by reading these and to be the best version of you as well. Thank you.

Sujin Woo, CP Editor-in-Chief  sjwoo@cnu.ac.kr

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