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CAMPUS NEWS 1The Footsteps of Chungnam National University
Moon-hee Ha, CP Reporter | 승인 2017.09.29 14:14|(258호)

  Chungnam National University celebrated its 65th anniversary. In accordance with the slogan of building a competent and global citizen, Chungnam University is achieving its goals through various projects. Let's find out what Chungnam University has been doing for the past few years.
  Chungnam University has been backedby various government support programs and has established foundations for long-term development and fostering global human resources for the future. For example, Chungnam University was finally selected as "Social customization cooperative lead university development project (LINC+, Leaders in Industry-university Cooperation+)" announced by MEXT and the Korea Research Foundation.  LINC+ is a combination of follow ? up projects by LINC called Post-LINC and "Social customization department activation business" which is being newly promoted. In addition, Chungnam National University was selected as the 'National University for Innovation and Transformation' project, which is being promoted to strengthen the role of national universities and improve the university operating system. The PoINT project will be held from May 2017 to February 2019, and Chungnam University will be selected for the second consecutive year in 2015 and will fulfill its responsibilities as a national university. In the PoINT business, Chungnam University was selected as one of the panel for 'Innovation in Universities' (Basic University).
  Chungnam’s performance in other areas is also positive. The department of Architecture and Engineering was selected as the best university in "Industry perspective from University evaluation field," which was conducted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the Korea University Educational Council. Furthermore, Chungnam National University was selected twice as the Education Internationalization Competency Certification College. This assessment provides credible information for international students to select their college, making it possible for students to study abroad.
  At the 65th anniversary ceremony Chungnam National University became an internationally renowned university with the efforts of alumni and local people under the educational philosophy of creativity, development, and service. “Based on these accomplishments, I will try to continue the growth of Chungnam University students as global talents that combine humanistic literacy and basic science abilities, as  global citizens,” said Chungnam National University president, Oh Deokseong, at the 65th-anniversary ceremony.
  As various projects are in progress, support for more diverse fields is one of the factors to be expected. Especially, in a society where human literacy and empathy skills are important, we can expect support for business related to humanities, and support for the media, which are the eyes and ears of our universities.

Moon-hee Ha, CP Reporter  hmh1564@cnu.ac.kr

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