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CAMPUS NEWS 3Infringement of Editorial Rights;
Seung-ri Kim, CP Reporter | 승인 2017.09.29 14:12|(258호)

CNU Press Publication #1128 Being Interrupted

  How would you feel if someone forcibly made you stop talking? Freedom of expression is a basic human right. That is the reason we can have media and form public opinion. There is even a law guaranteeing freedom of speech and publication. However, there was an incident that was violated. CNU Press, Chungnam National University’s mouth, was gagged.
The newspaper, which was going to be published on May 29, was suspended due to the violation of editorial rights and the refusal of approval issued by the editor-in-chief because of a front-page issue. It was about the president of a national university owing his election to the inauguration of a new government. The problem is that at the editorial session on April 25, there was no mention of the professor (editor-in-chief) at all. However, on May 27, the professor found the article and asked for it to be deleted. But it was impossible to delete the whole article. Therefore, they asked for a consultation.

  The request of the press was simple. They just wanted to publish their original articles. Even if they had to change some parts of the content of the article, they wanted to publish it because the article is the product of the reporters’ efforts. They continued to suggest consultations. Unfortunately, through some consultations, they felt like they were just students rather than reporters because of the professors’ attitude. As a newspaper reporter, they must complete various education, such as coverage, editing, compilation, and photographic education. Despite these efforts, they expressed their regret at his treatment.

  The professor’s request was a slight change of the content and switching the page from first to second. Switching the page was impossible for the press, however, because it was the head topic of publication #1128. At that point, he could not approve the paper to be published, because they could not reach a compromise. He tried to keep neutrality, but regardless of his will, he didn't respect the journalists. As a professor, he could not just support the reporters. He also had to consider the school's position.

  Technically speaking, publication #1128 was issued on June 7 and slightly modified. There is a saying in China, ‘Nothing goes uncorrected for long’. It took only 10 days from the suspension of the publication for it to see the light of day. The suspension was made aware to all CNU students. Happily, with the interest and encouragement of many students, reporters were rewarded for their efforts and paid for their hard work. There was a reporter saying that the freedom of speech was violated, but it was a valuable experience. Still, they said that it must not be repeated again.

Seung-ri Kim, CP Reporter  seungri06@cnu.ac.kr

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