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CAMPUS NEWS 4Summer Vacation of Job Seekers
Moon-hee Ha, CP Reporter | 승인 2017.09.29 14:11|(258호)

  There are 42 days of summer vacation and school comes along just to end it. An annual problem for the students is finding a good way to spend it. Some travel to new places or go on a diet while others stay at home doing nothing. For most of the students, vacation is like a break-away from school, which is also the time when they can do whatever they want. However, for some students, especially students who are preparing to get a job, vacation is another tough time. To them, vacation is a chance to build up various qualifications for employment.
  A 25-year-old student in Chungnam National University said “I have to do something because it is not easy to get a job these days. Most importantly, I must fulfill the minimum qualification that the company requires. I know that there will be plenty of people like me among the applicants, so I need to improve my unique strengths and show them I am competitive. I think the way to be competitive and unique is to build more careers.”
  Some students put themselves in internship programs. A student from the Faculty of Business Administration said “It is more efficient to do things outside of the campus because I can have various experiences. It is difficult to distinguish job applicants only by University grades and TOEIC scores. Companies want talented people who have the experience and ability to perform their jobs. Therefore, I applied for an internship program that receives support from the government. It was a good opportunity to learn about my job aptitude.”
  However, internship programs do not guarantee employment. Another student who applied for the internship program said, “It is sad that internship programs do not guarantee employment, but if it were not for the program, I would not know whether I want to do this job.”
  Many students are working hard to live a better future. Putting effort and going towards a goal is a great thing. On the contrary, there are also many students who are stressed because they cannot find a job they want to do. “I do not want the students to be upset because they do not have future dreams,” said Ji won Hwang, Chungnam National University student. Like she said, there is no need to be burdened with employment already. Doing something meaningful or reading books will be much more efficient than rushing for employment. I hope the students enjoy their campus life by doing things they want.

Moon-hee Ha, CP Reporter  hmh1564@cnu.ac.kr

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