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CNU'S ALUMNIBusiness Supporter!
Seung-ri Kim, CP Reporter | 승인 2017.09.29 14:10|(258호)

Who is he?

  He is working in city hall. His main job is to help companies which need public assistance from the government, such as petty businesses, one-man enterprises, disabled businesses, and small businesses. Furthermore, he is also responsible for establishing the Center for Knowledge Industry, managing business associates related to entrepreneurship, operating the Small and Medium Business Administration, and supporting the CSR Support Center.

Did you have any favorite subjects in your school days? Or if you had a club or did another activity, what do you remember the most?
  My favorite subject was English. When I was in middle school, my English teacher whom I loved and respected lived in the same apartment complex with me. She gave me a lot of snacks and praised me for studying English. So, I enjoyed studying English, and I wanted to have a job that gives people happiness like her. When I was in college, I joined an English volunteer club and taught children at the academy. There were many students who were studying in poor circumstance and it made me look back on myself.

Would you mind telling me about your job more in detail?
  We provide cheap rental business space for small and medium-sized venture businesses with low industrial land and low funds. In addition, we purchased some declining traditional markets so that we could construct the Knowledge Industry Center, an advanced market with supporting facilities equipped with   state-of-the-art factories, such as IT and BT. Finally, we offer cheap rental factories to entrepreneurs, and it can create decent jobs for local residents.

When do you feel rewarded, and when do you feel tired?

  That is a really difficult question for me. Because my job is to do relatively small things, I cannot answer that question easily. But, as a public servant, when I see that my boss or my clients are satisfied with my achievements, I feel rewarded. On the contrary, it is the exact opposite of feeling rewarded when I feel tired. For example, I have worked hard on my own, but I feel uncomfortable when feedback from customers is not good. However, I don't remember the situation of feeling tired, because I always try to serve my clients.

What do you think about ‘the tyranny of a company’ and do you have any solution for it?
  As a matter of fact, there is already a law concerning it. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) enacted ‘ISO 26000’ requiring corporate social responsibility in November, 2010. Also, On July 24, we opened the Daejeon CSR Support Center and consigned it to the Korea Productivity Center. Furthermore, we are looking forward to providing a variety of CSR information by building a CSR website.

To CNU students: I remember what a professor told me when I was in college. Depending on how you think, an opportunity may benefit you, or it may become a threat. After years, I realized that I could get a lot of chances in my life. What I want to say is do not regret. Enjoy your life. There are countless opportunities ahead of you. Don’t be afraid of the future. Do what you like and do your best.

Seung-ri Kim, CP Reporter  seungri06@cnu.ac.kr

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