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REVIEWAppreciation Points of Some Artworks
Dong-hee Kim, CUB Reporter | 승인 2017.09.29 14:03|(258호)

Picture 1: Fractal Turtle Ship

  Unlike human civilization, which produces merchandise rapidly and destroysit at the same time, the turtle lives on as a symbol of longevity and eternity. Paik Nam June's fractal turtle ship symbolizes human civilization that desires eternity but continues destruction for profit.


 Picture 2: God Pound 2
  In his installation, God Pound 2, Penh Hung Chih brings together 501 discarded figures, like stray dogs in a dog pound, in a striking criticism of human greed. It’s difficult not to feel sympathy for these statues: once loved and then abandoned as useless.


Picture 3: Teenager Teenager

  Sun Yuan and Peng Yu are symbols of China's hyper-realism and continue to work based in Beijing. Those who put a rock on their head, sit on the couch, and watch the lives of others symbolize the empty formalities and vanity of the Establishment.


 Picture 4: Virtual Songlines
  Virtual Songlines is the virtual reality (VR) experience created by participating artist Bret Libby to show the deep spiritual relationship with nature of Australian native Aboriginal people.



Exhibit info
Where    Daejeon Museum of Art
When    2017.06.22 (Thursday) - 2017.10.09 (Monday)
Entrance Fee    Adult (Age 20-64) 10,000 won / University Student 8,000 won
Exhibit Hours    Tuesday-Sunday 10:00-19:00 (Culture day - 21:00)
Exhibit Info    042-270-7370


Personal Idea
  Art has two conflicting views. One is that art should include social participation, and the other is that art should exist only in art itself. I think that this exhibition, <Hello, City!> has both of these points properly. I can confirm that various perspectives can exist because this exhibition deals with the 'creative city of the future'.
  A city exists as a group, but also because there are a lot of members in it, it is inseparable from 'life and death'. I think that the city in this exhibition, where various views are mutually respected and coexist harmoniously, is the future city that we must hope for.
  What impressed me most at this exhibition is the arrangement of the gallery-- 《 Fantasy - Recycling - Life and Death - Birth - Journey of Dreamings》 . And at the center of this arrangement is 'Immortality'. Each gallery shows its unique personality and at the same time, it shows a collective immortality through all these stages. The gallery I would like to recommend most is ‘Life and Death’. The shock felt when I first saw the sharp realistic insights of Chinese artists Sun Yuan and Peng Yu, and the expression of Luminal air space-time of Japanese artist Shinji Ohmaki was impressive. In addition, the Daejeon Museum of Art has many attractions such as the Daejeon Arts Center, Expo Exhibition Hall, and Hanbat Arboretum. I recommend that many Chungnam University students who do not know about Daejeon should visit once.

Dong-hee Kim, CUB Reporter  pen9uinus@cnu.ac.kr

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