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by Soo-Jin Woo, CP Editor in C | 승인 2017.06.19 08:29|(257호)

Your Participation Matters.


  An essay is one of the admission requirements for many universities in the United States. A high school senior, Ziad, Ahmed was accepted to Stanford University after writing #BlackLivesMatter 100 times in response to the essay question, "What matters to you and why?" CNN reported last month. What could be the answer to the same question for Korean?

  As a result of the former President Park’s impeachment, the 19th presidential election changed from December to May. South Korea did make one of the most important decisions on Tuesday, May 9th, 2017. Korea is now at one of the most critical moments in history.

  To prevent the shameful political history including the latest events of Park and to make Korea a better place, we must participate in politics. Voting may be the first step to it. However, being a part of the decision by voting is not the only way of political participation.

  There are many other ways of it. Keeping watch on what government officials do is one way. And as you know public protest could initiate change. And even volunteering could be another way by filling the gaps of social welfare services. So, please do not think that politics is not related to you because every decision that affects a whole nation is very much in relation to its citizens and please be an active participant.

by Soo-Jin Woo, CP Editor in C  sjwoo@cnu.ac.kr

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