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Sae-Un Lee, CP Editor-in-Chief | 승인 2016.12.17 09:14|(256호)

  As we grow up, responsibility becomes more and more important in our lives. These responsibilities are a big source of stress for not only ourselves, but our friends as well. Even a member of the National Assembly, should serve the people as their public duty. Therefore, responsibility is something we must consider throughout our whole lives. Do you think you should be responsible for your own acts? Maybe you cannot be sure.

  At school, we do not learn how to take responsibility for our own decisions. We cannot controlour our own time, or choice of career. We just obey our parents and social needs. Consequently, we easily evade problems and do unthinkable things.

  Be responsible for the choices that you make. It looks simple, but in reality it is complicated. However, once you take responsibility for your own life, your life will become richer. You can choose your life for yourself and will not be afraid of failure.

  If many people who are responsible for their decisions live in the country, that be strong developed. In other words, responsibility is an individual capability which supports the country as well.

  Therefore, please try to acknowledge that the results from your life have come from your own choices. Please choose wisely. Now, I want to ask you whether you will be responsible for your own life or not.

Sae-Un Lee, CP Editor-in-Chief  myji0204@cnu.ac.kr

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