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Jonathan Livingston Seagull

  Fighting discrimination without violence, but with love. This notion is deeply rooted in this book's whole plot. Jonathan Seagull had rather an odd nature compared to his flock, who only focused on basic needs - flying for catching prey. He felt there's something more than just flying. He knew the beauty of it, how to enjoy it at its best, not to mention he tried so hard to develop flying skills. He's misunderstood even by his own family, and finally got kicked out of the flock. Wandering around, he finds another flock with excellent flying skills and met Chiang, the master of the flight. Chiang helps Jonathan reach further level of flying, yet still underlines the importance of love. Then one day, Jonathan encounters Fletcher, who reminds him of a younger himself. He teaches Fletcher step by step, with patience. Then he leaves just like his former teacher, Chiang,  mentioning to give love to others. Fletcher took over his place but felt unsure whether he could follow the footsteps of those legends, but when he found out himself teaching just like Jonathan, he smiles. I strongly recommend this book because it contains lessons for all of us; work hard, yet be humble and share your talent. (Soo-Bin Ahn + Freshman , Department of English Language and Literature)


Paper Cup

  If someone asks me about the song in which I lost myself the most, I would willingly show my MP3 player whose screen displays the song “Paper Cup” by a Korean indie band “POE.” It was when I was 15 that I first heard the song, on a television show. The first time I heard it, I was not very interested in it. The song sounded too dark, gloomy, and, above all, quiet. I just shrugged it off and moved on.  Later, on the same television show, I happened to hear the same band play “Hey Jude” by The Beatles. Unlike the original song with bright, hopeful mood, their version was gloomy again. But this time, hearing them play twice, I found out that their song had some strong power. Although the vocalist was singing as if burned out, she was not singing roughly; she seemed to be having her own solid musical goal she wanted to achieve while singing that song and was doing what she could do to go along that goal. I suddenly became unable to let go of the melodies and their unique band sound, which then recalled to my mind the quiet, gloomy mood I felt from the song “Paper Cup.”  Using my computer I found the song on the Internet. The song sounded much different from the last time I listened to it. It did not sound just dark and gloomy. Rather, it was more of a sweet-gloomy or bittersweet kind of taste, with some psychedelic features. I saw the video of their live performance of the song, and I could feel that all the energy and inspiration of each player were poured into making that unique band sound. Eventually I fell in love with Paper Cup more than their Hey Jude (The clear and also dreamlike melody of the chorus part is as addictive as falling into a swamp that repeats itself endlessly in your subconsciousness.).  Although they do not perform as one band anymore, I still listen to their songs. And whenever I listen to their songs, especially Paper Cup, I recall the old times when I was an adolescent. (Moo-Ho Kim + Freshman , Department of English Language and Literature)


About Time

  I've watched this amazing movie over 20 times. I can say it was my best movie choice in my life. About Time gives audiences a deep question. Do you utilize your time properly or just waste for no reason? When i saw it for the first time, I reflected about desires I strongly wish to be achieved and made a list of my future plans as soon as I got home from theatre. It soon brought me a huge change of my routine life. I've become passionate of what I'm doing and  tried not to be idle. I couldn't believe myself that how I can behave that different after just one movie that I selected randomly. Its effect is still valid and there's also a passion in me to make my time go for weighty reasons. If there's someone who felt they're too free, I would give out usb or download file of About Time not having any expectation of reward. It would deliver us an ultimate goal for our happiness. (Su-A Kim + Freshman , Department of French Language and Literature)

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