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CULTURATIAbout VOLO App & the marketing manager
by Ga-In Jeong, CP Reporter | 승인 2016.12.17 09:05|(256호)

  Methods for obtaining tourist information have become more diverse than in the past. People can get information through tourist agencies and blogs, as well as through Apps. There is one App that has been an issue, recently. Do you know the App called ‘VOLO’? Also, do you know what a marketing manager’s job is? Let’s examine the VOLO App and what it means to be a marketing manager with Marketing Manager A-ran Kim!


  1. Who is She? Hello, I am aran Kim, serving as a marketing manager in the SK TECHX Planet X IC VOLO Team.
2. What is the job of marketing manager? A marketing manager is in charge of marketing. Marketing duties include the promotion and advertising of services provided and analyses of advertisements. Marketing managers inform the customers of things related to marketing. In short, it includes everything provided for the customers.
3. Reason for choosing this job I thought that I could communicate with customers more and talk about services in various ways, while analyzing what they want. Also, I chose this job because I could do several things like marketing and advertising.
4. What is VOLO App? VOLO App is an App that helps users to create a travelogue. It is an app by which one can make their own special travelogue, including writings, photos and maps. You can easily create everything with your mobile device. It provides people with a service through which they can share their travel experiences. 5. Special things about VOLO App People find it difficult to write a travelogue by themselves. In order to reduce this burden, simple designs and functions were put into the App, so one picture and a few words can make a travelogue, which is a beautiful thing. Also, I think it is an even better App for people who want to make a special travelogue or have not made one because it was difficult, even though they wanted to. Also, it has simple functions, so you will feel comfortable without a feeling of burden while making one.

6. Merits of VOLO App You can use the travelogue without the Internet. Also, it is simple to draw up. In addition, you can make a travelogue with other people, rather than by yourself.
7. How the VOLO App was made VOLO is a service that started as an in-company venture out of an idea that it would be nice to record travelogues on our phones. Travel is a very interesting topic for many, and could be the most popular one to share with each other. This in-company venture is an opportunity to make a new service in the concept of a project. This in-company venture is a program to add new services in addition to the services already operated by the company. 8. What was the most important thing when you made the VOLO App? What I consider the most important in the process of making it was focusing on the functions, so that users would not have any inconvenience in using it and would find the VOLO App attractive. Also, I wanted to make a service that users would want, so I reflected on their opinions as much as possible. 9. You have carried out various projects. What programs have you carried out? I have experience in all aspects of marketing. For example, promotions, events, and supervising editors. To promote the App, I make advertisements, operate a Facebook page and manage a website. I also give feedback on updated content. 10. Merits of being the marketing manager In terms of making an App, I feel great when the images and writings I’ve made are immediately applied to the App and they receive good responses from the users . 11. Difficulty as a marketing manager Prior to providing a service, I have the most difficulty anticipating user responses. This is because I do not know what their responses will be like. 12. Her goal I want VOLO App to be known well, so that a lot of people use it. I also hope that VOLO’s own travel community will be established and that the number of users will increase accordingly. 13. A story or word you want to tell the students I graduated from the Department of French Language and Literature and had a lot of difficulty in getting a job. However, I think language and literature majors can make various choices when finding a job. You may think language and literature majors have limitations in getting a job, but I do not think that way. I can get a job in the field of sales or one in the field of marketing, too. But, I was concerned about how to use my major. So, I think it is important to have various experiences during your college years. Of course, you have to study hard, too. I studied abroad as an exchange student. I learned a lot from my experiences at that time and it has reflected in my business, too. I acted in a play, too. I think experiences like this can help you come up with special ideas. So, I would like to tell you to study hard and have various experiences.

by Ga-In Jeong, CP Reporter  gaj14@cnu.ac.kr

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